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NY Jets Offseason Begins

NY Jets Offseason

GreenBean is back and this week he is in sunny Orlando Florida. The New York Jets offseason has begun. Adam Gase is out and we have learned that Joe Douglas has more power. Christopher Johnson let everyone know that Douglas will be leading the effort to find a new coach.

What will Joe Douglas do?

That is the big question, what we know so far is they are casting a wide net and interviewing many coaches.. We live in a Zoom world so the interview process is much easier for round one at least. As the Jets work on who the next head coach will be, there are plenty of other questions. Trading Sam Darnold and taking a QB with the 2nd pick in the draft is an option. There will be lots of smoke and mirrors through draft day.

The thing is Joe Douglas won’t tip his hand. There will be a lot of talk and made up stories. Stay patient Douglas is almost done cleaning up the mess he inherited from Mike Maccagnan. The Jets have options and the future is looking better. Watch the video and let us know what you think in the JetNation forums.


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