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2006 Final Mets Report Card

by Scott Dierking  The architectural blueprint drafted by Omar Minaya for the 2006 New York Mets was an easy one to read. The Mets, through the primary every day line-up additions of Carlos Delgado and Paul LoDuca created a line-up that was balanced in its versatility and exceeding in its prolific combination of both power… Read more

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

By Scott Dierking  You know it is coming. The signs are there and they are true. The fescue in the back yard begins to turn a pale brown, and it gives an audible crunch under your feet. The air conditioning is on high, but you still wake up in a puddle of sweat. The dog… Read more

The First Thirty Days

By Scott Dierking  Team Mangini’s first 30 days at the helm of the New York Jets will define the organization’s existence for his entire duration. Strong words. But these are words that resonate true for any Head Coach, for any team, or for any organization for that matter. The truism that “first impressions are often… Read more

The Media Today

by Scott Dierking The media purports itself in many different fashions: Watchdog. Guardian at the gate. Informer of social ills. To its credit, the media has broken many stories that have served society and the country well. It has created in a small measure a system of checks and balances that strive to keep government… Read more

Coming Back for More

by Scott Dierking I am cheating on my wife. My mistress is usually not a lot to behold but has, at times, been characterized as a Cinderella-type. She is a constant tease, but I keep coming back for more. She has been abusive, exhilarating, lazy, the belle of the ball, unorganized, nurturing, among many other… Read more

Hello, NFL

By Scott Dierking You and I, we are different. We are different because we are governed by our actions and expected to live by our word. This happens in both our personal and our professional lives. Oh, there are boundaries so that we do not tempt fate. Every bank CD commercial crammed on our radio… Read more

A Winner In Our Hearts

By Scott Dierking Who among us does not love an underdog story? Admit it, we all get sucked in. Why is it that we feel “Rockyâ€? is such an overwhelming, compelling and powerful movie? It certainly was not the acting that drew us in. Comic strips have better writing. No, the reason that Rocky still… Read more

Where Do They Go From Here ?

By Scott Dierking Guest Columnist The next 75 days of the New York Jets franchise can very well decide the next decade of results. Anything that happens on the field the remainder of this season should become irrelevant. The die is cast, and they must begin to formulate a plan for a new course… Read more

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