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New York Jets Report Card: Week 1

Week 1 – 9/11/11 Dallas Cowboys @ New York Jets JetLife Stadium Quarterbacks: C+ Mark Sanchez: 26/44, 335 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 1 fumble Once again, Sanchez showed a bit of Jekyll and a bit of Hyde. Two costly turnovers – a near pick six and a fumble in the fourth quarter could have [...]

New York Jets Report Card: AFC Championship Game

Jets @ Steelers: AFC Championship Quarterback: B Mark Sanchez: 20/33, 2 TD (1 fumble) Solid, if not spectacular game for Mark Sanchez. His passes were off a bit yet again, so who knows how much his shoulder is still bothering him? He did do enough to win this game, and had some excellent moments in [...]

AFC Championship Recap: Steelers 24, Jets 19

For the second straight year, the New York Jets fell in the AFC Championship game; this time, the Pittsburgh Steelers were the culprit of their demise. Pittsburgh dominated the first half. They ran the ball effectively all day long, but the first half was especially impressive. In thirty minutes, the Steelers managed to chock up [...]

New York Jets Report Card: Divisional Round

New York Jets Report Card - Divisional Round Jets @ New England Patriots Quarterback: B+ Mark Sanchez: 16/25, 194 yards, 3 TD As with Indy, Sanchez once again struggled in the early goings. Again, the culprit was putting too much muster on the football. Receivers (typically Keller, but others as well) were overthrown time and [...]

New York Jets Report Card: Wild Card Round

New York Jets Report Card: Wild Card Round Jets @ Indianapolis Colts Quarterback: D Mark Sanchez: 18/31, 189 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT Of his 4 playoff appearances, this was the first game where Mark Sanchez had to be carried kicking and screaming by his teammates. His throws down the middle (mostly towards Dustin Keller) [...]

New York Jets Week 17 Report Card

Week 17 Bills @ Jets Quarterbacks: B Mark Brunell: 6/12, 110 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT Kellen clemens: 1/2, 6 yards, 1 TD (rushing) Besides a pick six, the quarterbacks managed the game well today. Brunell threw 2 touchdowns and Kellen ran one in. They didn't need to do much, but they did what they [...]

New York Jets Week 16 Report Card

New York Jets Week 16 Report Card Jets @ Bears Quarterback: A Mark Sanchez: 24/37, 269, 1 TD, 1 INT The score (31) was more indicative of Sanchez' performance today than the 1 passing touchdown statline. On the road, against a stingy Chicago defense, he led 3 (could have been 4 if not for a [...]

New York Jets Week 15 Report Card

New York Jets Week 15 Report Card Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers Going into this game, the Jets had never won a game in the state of Pennsylvania (winless against the Eagles and Steelers on the road.) Streak over! Quarterback: C+ Sanchez: 19/29, 170 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT, 1 rushing TD A better night for [...]