Jets Report Card

New York Jets Week 4 Report Card

New York Jets Week 4 Report Card

Jets @ Bills

Quarterbacks: A

Sanchez: 14/24, 161, 2/0
Smith: 1/1, 3, 1/0
Brunell: 1/1, 7, 0/0

Sanchez was excellent yet again, but a few underthrown passes nearly led to picks. Thankfully, he still hasn’t thrown a pic or lost a fumble. Brad Smith added a touchdown because he was bored with producing in other ways. What a versatile weapon.

Running Backs: A+

Greene: 22/117
Tomlinson: 19/133, 2 TD

The running backs earn their first perfect score of the year. Tomlinson was highly effective in the passing game and the running game, but the biggest positive I’m taking out of this is that Greene finally had a breakout game. McKnight added a few garbage time carries, and didn’t fumble. Hooray for him.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: A-

Edwards: 4/86/1
Keller: 4/28/2
Cotchery: 3/26/0

Keller had yet another tremendous performance, and now has 5 touchdowns on the season (matching his total production for the previous two years combined!). Edwards made a series of fantastic catches and earned a touch. Cotchery is still MIA. He should get more looks next week vs. Minnesota, when Santonio Holmes will take the field for the first time as a Jet.

Offensive Line: A

True, it’s the Bills, but the offensive line had a great showing. They opened up wide alleys for the running backs and protected Sanchez well all day.

Defensive Line: A

Give the defensive line credit for limiting three quality running backs to less than 50 yards. Bills QB Fitzpatrick broke off 74 yards on the ground on broken plays, but that is more of a coverage issue than anything else. Shaun Ellis sufered a bit of a knee injury, but it shouldn’t be that bad according to immediate reports.

Linebackers: B+

Jets ‘backers played great today, but suffer a bit for their inability to contain Fitzpatrick on the ground and for taking a couple naps out there (most noticeably at the end of the first half). Thomas forced a fumble.

Secondary: B+

The Jets secondary peformed admirably in the absence of Revis, though they did allow two touchdown passes. A poor attempt at a tackle by Brodney Pool at the end of the first half will not be forgotten. Ighedibo and Lowery threw in a sack a piece.

Special Teams: B

Nick Folk missed a chip shot. You knew that was coming didn’t you? Weatherford impresses on punts. Smith was somewhat explosive in the kick return game again, and Leonhard is as sure handed as it gets when it comes to handling punts. Did you hear that hit he took? Special teams also forced a fumble. Not a bad job, not bad at all.

Coaching: A

It’s tough to find anything to criticize here. Yeah, you don’t want to see the napping that occurred at the end of the first half by the defense but I’m sure Rex chewed ’em out enough. Westhoff’s unit performed well, and Schotty somehow came into this game with a gameplan that was both aggressive AND run-first.

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