Jets Report Card

New York Jets Week 3 Report Card

New York Jets Week 3 Report Card

Jets @ Miami Dolphins

Quarterbacks: A+

Mark Sanchez: 15/28, 256, 3 TD, 0 INT

The Sanchez of 2010 is suddenly leaps and bounds above the Sanchez of 09. Sophomore slump? Who says so? Mark has put together back to back 3 touchdown games.

Running backs: B+

Tomlinson: 15/70/1

Greene: 10/36/0

Smith: 3/41

Greene is the starter in name only – Tomlinson has become the primary ball carrier. Greene’s struggles continue, but LT looks spry. While he’s not technically a running back, Brad Smith had a quality game running the wildcat – especially converting a huge 3rd and long. I’m going to throw him in here. I’m consistently amazed at how lanky and slow he looks while he’s breaking off huge chunks of yardage. The guy has a nose for blocks.

Wide receivers/Tight Ends: A-

Keller: 6/98/2

Cotchery: 2/20/0

Edwards: 2/87/1

Clowney: 1/22/0

Another tremendous game for Dustin Keller, who caught 2 touchdown passes. Edwards keeps showing big play ability and Cotchery is always a good target to help move the chains.

Offensive Line: C

I’d like to see the offensive line create a bit more push. Slauson keeps getting flagged.

Defensive Line: B-

The defensive line has to do a better job of creating pressure on the quarterback. The line did a good job in the run game, limiting Miami to 84 yards on the ground. Newly re-acquired tackle Howard Green forced a fumble and Shaun Ellis contributed a sack.

Linebackers:  C

Again, while they need to put more pressure on the quarterback, they limited Miami to just 3.7 yards per carry on the ground which is admirable. Taylor sacked Henne once in his homecoming. Does anyone have Calvin Pace’s address so that I can send him a “get well soon” card?

Secondary:  D

Chad Henne carved up the field against the Revis-less secondary, and without a great offensive showing, the Jets would not have won this game.  There are times when Antonio Cromartie truly shines – and there are other times where he trips over his own feet. Drew Coleman intercepted a pass to seal the victory for the Jets, thus making it one of the few times where I’m looking at his jersey and not screaming profanities.

Special teams: B

Neither Weatherford nor Folk embarrassed themselves. Eric Smith blocked a punt. Brad Smith had a 37 yard average on kick returns. So from now on, let’s just get all the “Smiths” we can and throw them onto the special teams.

Coaching: C

Rex needs to use his timeouts more wisely in the first half; perhaps crowd noise was an issue in the Jets first away game.  You would like to see Rex coach up his defense a bit more in the absence of Revis, Pace and Jenkins but I figure he’s doing all that he can right now. Schotty again put Sanchez in a position to succeed. Whatever Westhoff is doing is working.

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