Jets Report Card

New York Jets Week 2 Report Card

New England Patriots @ New York Jets

Quarterbacks: A-

Sanchez: 21/30, 220, 3/0

When Sanchez started slow, you had to believe that we were going to see the same ol’, same ol’, but cool your jets! The young (franchise?) Q.B. had a tremendous bounce back performance, setting his personal record in touchdowns (3) and completions (21). With the exception of a few timing mistakes, Sanchez had a stellar game.

Running Backs: B

Greene: 15/52/0
Tomlinson: 11/76/0

A case of mistaken identity. Who is the washed up vet, and who is the promising young back again? Greene is still being outplayed by Tomlinson, but at least he didn’t let the ball hit the ground.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: A-

Keller: 7/115/1
Edwards: 5/45/1
Cotchery: 4/26/1

The top three receiving threats for the Jets each registered a touchdown. Not perfect, but far more than adequate. If you sat Dustin Keller on your fantasy football team this week, you lose. The third year tight end set his personal best receiving record with 115 yards and a score. Braylon Edwards didn’t drop a single pass, though he did commit a taunting penalty. Braylon’s passion for the game is his reedming quality.

Offensive Line: B

Sanchez was under pressure at times, but the offensive line played tougher and smarter than they did in week 1, avoiding costly penalties and setting up the ground game. Breathe a sigh of relief: Mangold will be fine.

Defensive Line: B

The line registered zero sacks, but pressured Brady effectively. Ellis, DeVito and Pouha continue to provide solid play. The defensive line held a weak running game down.

Linebackers: B-

Jason Taylor registered a sack and a forced fumble…. for the Jets. Vernon Gholston made a tackle for a loss. Yes, that Vernon Gholston. It was a game filled with surprises for the Jets linebacker squad. They didn’t shine, but I’ll take it.

Secondary: C+

Revis and Cromartie each allowed a touchdown. On the flipside, Cromartie and Pool each registed an interception. Did you even realize Pool was playing until that happened? Brady moved the ball down field well, but without Revis for much of the game, the secondary was admirable.

Special Teams: B

If Nick Folk has a few more weeks like this, I’ll stop flinching every time he lines up for a field goal. His kickoffs looked better than they did in week 1. Weatherford is suddenly a respectable punter. How did THAT happen? Coverage and return teams were uninspiring, but not woeful.

Coaching: A-

Ryan made great defensive adjustments at half time that kept the Patriots off the scoreboard. Brian Schottenheimer’s offensive game plan worked. Now, there’s a sentence you weren’t expecting to hear this week, huh?

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