Jets Report Card

New York Jets Report Card (Preseason Game 2)

Preseason Game 2 Report Card

Jets @ Panthers. August 21, 2010.

by Matt Keach

Quarterbacks: F

Mark Sanchez: 5/10, 12 yards
Mark Brunell: 3/7, 2 yards
Kellen Clemens: 4/6, 32 yards
Kevin O’Connell: 0/3, 0 yards

They didn’t allow any turnovers. Thus ends the positives that can be said about this squad. The offensive possessions were so short, you would think they were
going “TWO and out.” Passes were too high, too low, too far in front, too far behind, too early, too late, too…. everything. This report goes to show that you don’t
necessarily have to throw the ball away to fail in the report card. Kellen Clemens was his usual self tonight which, hilariously, made him the best QB to hit the field
New York.

Running Backs: D-

Shonn Greene: 6 carries, 10 yards
Ladanian Tomlinson: 3 carries, 26 yards
Chauncey Washington: 8 carries, 19 yards, 1 fumble
Danny Woodhead: 8 carries, 19 yards
John Conner: 1 carry, 2 yards
Joe McKnight: 11 carries, 28 yards

The running backs were stuck in molasses all night. They just couldn’t get that ball past the line of scrimmage. Tomlinson was the only bright spot, and the
only thing standing in between this unit and an “F”.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: C-

The wide receivers and tight ends just couldn’t make the big plays tonight. A quarterback with time to throw, and a quarterback who could actually
deliver it to them would have helped. Cumberland (TE) led receivers with…. 19 yards. I wish I could give this unit a “N/A”

Offensive Line: F

The first team offensive line looked weak early, surrendering two sacks in the 1st quarter. The backups looked even worse. It’s hard to imagine
a more lackluster performance than this.

Defensive Line: B+

The defensive line stuffed the run and applied pressure well in both halves. They faltered for a bit here and there, but they never broke down entirely. Most importantly, they kept Carolina out of the endzone.

Secondary: A-

For the most part, the Jets secondary was stingy against the pass. Jim Leonhard registered a sack and an interception. Marquice Cole grabbed an interception that practically sealed the game.

Special Teams: A+

Special teams was all over the place. You can’t get a better showing than this. Nick Folk was perfect on 3 field goals, McKnight had a punt return to the Carolina 10, there were 2 fumble recoveries on punts. Did I miss anything?

Coaching: N/A. No rating for coaching in the preseason.

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