Dear Greengal

Max's Wife

Dear Greengal,

My husband and I have lost that little romantic “spark” that we used to have, and now he couldn’t get my fire burning with a can of kerosene and a blowtorch. Should I dump him and date hotter guys, or should I stick around and try to work it out?

Max’s Wife

Dear Max’s Wife,

Oh yes. I do believe you should try and work it out. Often, after some years of a marriage, things become a little stale–a little ordinary. Greengal thinks you need to plan a weekend to make it extraordinary again. Go back to what brought you together in the first place. Given that it is the off season, I suggest you start with a romantic Thai dinner on a Friday night. Then, after dinner, turn down the lights and slip into your favorite Curtis Martin jersey and watch Superbowl III together with some popcorn and a case of Piel’s Gold.

Then, on Saturday, wake up early and head down to NYC for the NFL Draft party at the ESPN Zone. Have a lovely day over drinks and onion rings with your fellow Jets fans. Enjoy mediocre conversations and listen as the Jets improve their roster by picking a kicker who can drive it more than ten yards down the field and improve their depth with some new young studs.

After that, head to the Bottom Line for some good music and dance the night away. This is a recipe for success, but if the flames are not being fanned after all of that, it may be time to dump the guy and write up a personal ad for the JetNation singles page. I suggest you start with the line, “Do you post?� That will be sure to get some bites!

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