Dear Greengal

Dear Greengal,

I’m having an affair with a JN moderator’s wife along the east coast and am unsure how to break the news to him. We’ve tried cutting it off for months but it’s just so damned good she keeps coming back to me. You would think the distance between us would keep us apart but we keep getting back together. What do I do?


Guilty In MI.

Dear Guilty,

You have quite a dilemma there! You have to figure out what means more to you–your friendship with your fellow moderator, or the sweet feel of his wife. Here is what you do: Tell your friend about the affair and offer him your wife as a trade. I am sure that she wouldn’t mind–it’s not like you have been satisfying her for years now. Here’s a tip for you. When she yawns it does NOT mean she’s having a good time. In fact, she would probably welcome a change–an opportunity to get some pleasure herself. She would probably welcome a REAL man. Yes, you will probably lose your friend and probably lose your wife but that’s what you get for letting your “little gunâ€? do the thinking.

At least when it is over, the money you used to spend on airfare could go right into the alimony checks. I also suggest you get the admin at the site you moderate to put you in charge of different forums. The last thing everyone else needs to to see the two of you airing out your dirty laundry, pounding your respective chests and saying “ Smizzy, I deleted more threads then you did–HA!â€?


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