Dear Greengal

Dear Greengal

I am pressed for time so this week’s blog entry will be a short one.  It is a letter actually.  It

Dear Greengal

Dear Greengal, I am at a loss of what to do ..The draft is over and training camp doesn’t start

Dear Greengal, I’m having an affair with a JN moderator’s wife along the east coast and am unsure how to

Max's Wife

Dear Greengal, My husband and I have lost that little romantic “spark” that we used to have, and now he

Dear GreenGal

Dear Greengal, I have had the most intense feelings about a man who I met through a football website (I

Dear Greengal,

~Our love and relationship expert, Greengal, can help you with any football or non-football related problems. If you have a