Dear Greengal

Dear Greengal

I am pressed for time so this week’s blog entry will be a short one.  It is a letter actually.  It goes a little something like this:  Dear Tx: Go to hell! Warmest Regards, Greengal… Read more

Dear Greengal

Dear Greengal, I am at a loss of what to do ..The draft is over and training camp doesn’t start till July? What am I going to do between now and then. Help! depressed in Danbury Dear Double D, Ah yes…the time in limbo where the anticipation of the draft is gone and training camp… Read more

Dear Greengal, I’m having an affair with a JN moderator’s wife along the east coast and am unsure how to break the news to him. We’ve tried cutting it off for months but it’s just so damned good she keeps coming back to me. You would think the distance between us would keep us apart… Read more

Max's Wife

Dear Greengal, My husband and I have lost that little romantic “spark” that we used to have, and now he couldn’t get my fire burning with a can of kerosene and a blowtorch. Should I dump him and date hotter guys, or should I stick around and try to work it out? Signed, Max’s Wife… Read more

Dear GreenGal

Dear Greengal, I have had the most intense feelings about a man who I met through a football website (I would prefer not to mention the site name for it may blow my cover). We have never met, so we have not yet consummated our union. He has asked for my hand in marriage but… Read more

Dear Greengal,

~Our love and relationship expert, Greengal, can help you with any football or non-football related problems. If you have a question for Greengal, you may not contact her directly because, quite frankly, she’s far too busy being fabulous to talk to you. Instead, send your questions to He likes you, and wants to come… Read more

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