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Rich Cimini Chat Transcript from 8/11/2005

[TomShane©] 9:10 pm: OK Everyone, let’s welcome Rich Cimini from the NY Daily News who has
been awesome enough to give us some time tonight to answer some questions. Thanks, and welcome Rich!

[A J F] 9:10 pm: Hi Rich, thanks for taking the time to join us.

[RichCimini] 9:10 pm: Sorry about the delay; bad clock management on my part

[dickkotite] 9:11 pm: lets talk jets

[RichCimini] 9:11 pm: Fire away

[TomShane©] 9:11 pm: Hey Rich, you had a great breakdown in the News today about Law’s
contract. It seems to be a STEAL for the Jets. Why did Law settle for an incentive based deal like

[RichCimini] 9:12 pm: because no other teams were making serious bids for Law. Plus he wanted to be with his boys — Curt, Corwin, etc

[JonEJet] 9:12 pm: My question for Rich is in 2 parts

[TomShane©] 9:12 pm: No kidding. Not a health issue really, just wariness by other teams?

[RichCimini] 9:13 pm: yes, im sure some teams were frightened by his foot situation. I think the lions were, the chiefs and jags just didn’t have the cap room

[TomShane©] 9:14 pm: Interesting. When will he be full go?

[RichCimini] 9:14 pm: Im not so sure that he’ll play next week against Minny. Its going to take a week or 2 before he’s ready to suit up

[A J F] 9:14 pm: Rich, given the additions & subtractions on defense over the last 48 hours, what do you feel the Jets position is with regard to Abe?

[RichCimini] 9:15 pm: their position with Abe hasn’t changed and won’t change: it’s a 1 year offer and that is it

[TomShane©] 9:15 pm: Let me ask about Herm, Rich. How has he meshed so far with two dominating personalities in Dinger and Henderson?

[RichCimini] 9:16 pm: Good question. Too early to give an answer on Dinger; he gets along well with Donnie. He lets Donnie run the whole show.

[TomShane©] 9:16 pm: Will he give Dinger the same leash?

[RichCimini] 9:17 pm: I think Dinger will get the same leash. Herm has been talking for years about being more aggressive; well, now he’s got a guy who can carry out his wishes.

[JonEJet] 9:17 pm: My first question is about the most recent cuts…….losing guys like Mickens hurts, but others like Yogi and Pagel sort of suprise me given that Terry likes his own picks……is this a case of letting these guys go for salary cap help? (Mickens) Or did they just not pan out? (Pagel and Yogi)

[RichCimini] 9:19 pm: yes, they needed some cap room, but Bradway finally realized that Yogi and Pagel were 2 bad picks. they never showed anything.

[dickkotite] 9:19 pm: at least he can admit a mistake by cutting them

[RichCimini] 9:20 pm: Yeah, usually he keeps the picks just to make his draft record look better. You don’t see the Patriots doing that. when they screw up a pick, they let him go.

[A J F] 9:17 pm: I’m aware of their position, and I’m not sure Abe is onboard. I say make a deal, get him to sign and move him. Have you heard anything to this effect?

[Scott Dierking] 9:16 pm: Rich-Age old problem with the Jets-Establishing an identity-Was Saturday’s practice against the Giants an attempt to create one?

[RichCimini] 9:18 pm: I dont know what they were trying to accomplish in Albany. frankly, I think they crossed the line, but it made for great copy.

[Meddle] 9:20 pm: Rich, is Eric Barton’s injury a potential problem, to the point where could miss serious time at some point? If he was to miss games, who do you see as Barton’s replacement?

[RichCimini] 9:21 pm: Barton has tendonitis. Not serious, according to the team. That tells me it’s potentially serious. McClover will start Fri night; he’s just an athlete, not a football player. If Barton is serious, they might have to jump into the Boulware mix.

[Meddle] 9:21 pm: Yikes. Thank you, Rich.

[Scott Dierking] 9:21 pm: Rich-Where do you rank Herm in terms of overall coaching ablities with his peers? Also, how much input does Herm have in weekly game planning, that you know of?

[RichCimini] 9:22 pm: Herm is in the top 10-12 coaches, with potential to go way higher. Yes, he’s involved in game planning, but he really lets his coordinators do the bulk of it. Herm is more of a big picture guy.

[TomShane©] 9:23 pm: Top 10-12? That’s an eye-popper

[TaborJet] 9:23 pm: Hey Rich..Have the Jets all but given up on the West Side Stadium? How serious are they about the co-owned staduim with the Giants? Have they thrown any names for the stadium out there?

[RichCimini] 9:24 pm: West Side is dead. They really want to go to NJ, sharing some dream stadium with the Giants and moving the year round facility to NJ. But they’re also keeping on ear on the Queens

[Maxman] 9:26 pm: From R44: I’ve always, honestly, thought Jon McGraw was too skinny to play safety and take the beating at the NFL level….Jets have “toyed” with him at cornerback at times in Pre-season and he started as the teams 3rd corner in Miami once (2004) and supposedly he held his own…Do you think the Jets may’ve been better off trying him at CB, like the Giants did with Sehorn in 1996? McGraw has size and more importantly
has legit 4.45 speed–dubbed “the Natural” by teammates

[RichCimini] 9:28 pm: Jon has good straight ahead speed, but he’s a little stiff in the hips and doesn’t turn real fast. he could cover tight ends, but he’d get torched by WRs.

[TomShane©] 9:27 pm: Rich, Are Chas Gessner and Harry Williams on the team for this season?

[RichCimini] 9:29 pm: Harry – aka Willie Mays Hayes — will make the practice squad, possibly the 5th wr spot. Gessner is a longshot. Carter is playing his way off the team by getting hurt

[Joho] 9:29 pm: Rich…how are the players reacting to the Law signing?

[RichCimini] 9:30 pm: talked to Curtis for quite a while today and he’s thrilled. i haven’t heard one negative comment. they know that position was a weakness and they knew it had to be addressed

[TomShane©] 9:31 pm: Law has to be 75% this year and he’ll be the best Jets corner since Aaron Glenn. Anything more is gravy. Anything less is doom.

[R44] 9:30 pm: To the optimistic Jetsfan, the Jets safeties can be “adequate”….to outside observers, I think, the group is seen as sub-par (or unproven, at least)…anyway, are the Jets current safeties -mostly mid round picks and street free agent

[RichCimini] 9:32 pm: the jets have only 1 safety with starting experience — Coleman. I know he had a good rookie year, but Im not ready to anoint him just yet. He made many errors and still needs to improve, especialy as a tackler.

[dickkotite] 9:32 pm: rich, two questions 1. if penny struggles and our #2 shows some magic as he has in the past, whats the potential for a real qb controversy?

[RichCimini] 9:33 pm: Yes, I think there can be a QB controversy. if chad really struggles, the media will fan the flames. that would really take a bad slump for herm to bench him.

[A J F] 9:32 pm: On the stadium topic, Rich, can you enlighten me as to why Nassau County is never considered as an option? Wang has plans for cosiderable development @ the Uniondale Islanders
complex. Why not include a football stadium? It’s within yards of the Hofstra complex, asily accessible by car ( Grand Central to Meadowbrook), and It Keeps The Jets in N Y. Any Comments?

[RichCimini] 9:34 pm: Why not Nassau? Because Woody doesn’t do suburbia.

[dickkotite] 9:34 pm: woody is a blue blood, they dont go to the burbs

[TomShane©] 9:34 pm: Still can’t believe the West Side went up in flames so quickly

[R44] 9:34 pm: Sorry Rich, to finish my question on the safeties (I hit send accidently)–Do the Jets believe players like Celestine, Maddox, Washington and Rhodes are true starting types, or merely ‘hold the fort types’ until better players are brought in?

[RichCimini] 9:35 pm: no, they really think Rhodes can be good. Celestin is a stop gap. Maddox might not play Friday night because of a hammy. Rhodes will get a real long look. Even money he’s the opening day starter.

[R44] 9:37 pm: Thanks, we certainly liked his (Rhodes) speed and production at Louisville–thought he’d go in the 3rd round….

[The Gun Of Bavaria] 9:35 pm: Great to have you here Rich. Rich last year I had shoulder surgery myself not even close to what Penny went through and here I sit with soreness. Watching Penny throw on the NFL Network I saw a throwing motion that looked like someone masking pain. What’s the straight word on Penny’s shoulder and the likelihood of him starting the season, given the arm surgery and new offense???

[RichCimini] 9:37 pm: I’m 99% sure he will start the season. Will he be 100% healthy? privately, the jets admit he probably wont be, but that he’ll be good enough. I don’t think the team brass has been blown away by his performance thus far…but it’s early

[The Gun Of Bavaria] 9:37 pm: You think herm will have the quick hook for Fiedler if needed?

[RichCimini] 9:39 pm: What do you mean a quick hook for Fiedler? In the preseason?

[The Gun Of Bavaria] 9:39 pm: no, come regular season.

[The Gun Of Bavaria] 9:39 pm: i.e. will Herm go to Fiedler if Penny struggles

[RichCimini] 9:40 pm: it would have to be a severe slump–Herm loves Chad and won’t yank him in a knee jerk decision

[Smizzy] 9:37 pm: Hey Rich…first i want to thank you for stoppin by today….we really do appreciate it here @….How much will having a pass catching TE in Doug Jolley help this offense and what can we expect from him this season under dinger ?

[RichCimini] 9:38 pm: Jolley catches at least 45-50 balls and it’ll be more than 7 yards per catch — or whatever Becht averaged. Jolley can catch and run. blocking is another story.

[Jets2k5] 9:38 pm: specifically concerning clock management and in game tactical decisions, does Herm rate in the top 10 or 12 coaches. I put him in the bottom 20 percent.

[TomShane©] 9:41 pm: How about the DT’s Rich?

[TomShane©] 9:42 pm: Fergy is gone, how have Pouha and McGill looked?

[RichCimini] 9:42 pm: NT is going to be a problem. Pouha hasn’t shown anything, Legree is out of position and Reed is too small. McGill wont be around much longer. D Rob’s knee is a concern; he’ll play through it, but it’s going to affect him

[TomShane©] 9:43 pm: Holy on the DT thing

[MeatyMe] 9:43 pm: Comment: Herm doesn’t have a choice but to give Dinger a long leash. Question: Conflicting reports coming out of camp by the fans, who’s performing better- Fiedler or Bollinger? If Bollinger, will Herm recognize it by playing him if necessary?

[RichCimini] 9:44 pm: Guys, if Bollinger is playing, it’s over. Nothing against Brooks (nice guy, has some talent), but you never want to get to your No. 3.

[TomShane©] 9:44 pm: Bollinger is an accountant playing QB. I agree

[Meddle] 9:45 pm: Rich, when you look at the roster, there seems to be a numbers crunch on offense in terms of roster space. Bradway has said that he sees Dreesen making the roster. Houston seems a good bet. That would be one more RB than they carried last year. They will keep five wides at minimum. That could be 2-3 extra players at the skill positions. This would mean keeping less somewhere else. They could cut Dearth and give the long snapper job to Dreesen. I sort of doubt that. How do you see this playing out?

[JonEJet] 9:45 pm: I have another question regarding Ray Mickens. He seemed to be the loyal “team” guy. Sad to see him go. But , is there any chance we’ll see him back at a lower #? Is that why we let McGraw go to save some $$$$$? Or, is the $$$$ saved to be used for another O-Lineman, or Boulware, whom I was suprised you mentioned!

[RichCimini] 9:46 pm: they won’t cut Dearth, which means they’ll have 4 TEs on the 53. As Parcells would say, that’s not good roster management. they have some interesting decisions…no chance of Mickens coming back. He’ll sign with NE or Dallas.

[RichCimini] 9:47 pm: Heard Miami, too, as a possibility

[MeatyMe] 9:48 pm: “Heard Miami, too, as a possibility” Let’s hope so.

[TomShane©] 9:48 pm: Are they looking at signing any free agent-type NT’s?

[Jetlag] 9:48 pm: Is Derrick Strait being handed the nickel or will Miller compete for the job as well? Also how has Strait looked and are the Jets happy with him?

[RichCimini] 9:49 pm: No NTs on the horizon. No cap room. Strait is a lock at nickel

[R44] 9:50 pm: Rich, me and my friend Matt have a pretty good draft site on the Net (……Anyhow, we loved Andre Maddox as a special teams type in 2004, but we found his safety skills lacking—Poor in coverage ( zero career picks in college…He’s decent close to the line–, but I can’t believe he’s got a place on the Jets base defense this season due to his coverage shortcomings, does he?

[RichCimini] 9:51 pm: I don’t think he’ll play defense this year. Westhoff has him all to himself on special teams.

[Scott Dierking] 9:51 pm: Rich-Does the Law move wreak of opportunity NOW for the Jets, and if so, does that up the ante on this season? Is that pressure felt top to bottom?

[JonEJet] 9:52 pm: Opportunity goes out the window if the NT situation is as bad as Rich thinks it is

[RichCimini] 9:53 pm: I do get the feeling around the building that they’re in a win-now mode. otherwise, they wouldn’t have pursued a 31 yo corner with a shaky foot.

[R44] 9:53 pm: Is Maddox another Pagel –two solid, cheap salary seasons and gone? Or does he how “special”, special teams skills?

[Verde] 9:53 pm: Hi Rich! Word has it that the Jets might be moving training camp out of Hofstra, do you have any information regarding this? Thanks.

[RichCimini] 9:54 pm: Maddox will be better than Pagel. Count on it. yes, they might leave Hofstra…which means I’m toast. I aint commuting to NJ!

[Maxman] 9:55 pm: Rich what do you expect from McCareins and Coles. How will the receptions break down between them?

[R44] 9:56 pm: As an insider Rich, how lowly regarded was Pagel–as much as some Jets fans believe?

[RichCimini] 9:56 pm: I think Coles and Justin will combine for .. I don;t know…at least 130-140 catches. The key will be yards per catch.

[TomShane©] 9:57 pm: Real quick one on Ty Law, Rich. It seemed Donnie would have preffered a man-to-man corner, but Law was used in basically zone coverages in NE. I know he’s a huge upgrade, but does Ty’s lack of flat out speed change his philosophy at all?

[b][RichCimini] 9:59 pm: great question on Law. He never was a burner, but he still played great man-to-man when asked. the interesting thing will be the bump-and-rule and how it effects him. It might take away his physical play. The Jets say they’ll play more man with Law[/b]

[Scott Dierking] 10:00 pm: Law is an angles guy

[A J F] 10:01 pm: All you need to do is look at the first 6 or 7 games from last year. He played those under the new rules.

[The Gun Of Bavaria] 9:57 pm: Rich, we’re all aware of the saga of playing time between Jordan and Martin in the past. With Dinger’s arrival, do you see Blaylock getting more PT or at least giving Martin some breathers more often then in the past? How is Blaylock looking in camp?

[RichCimini] 10:00 pm: Blaylock/Martin should be interesting. My gut says the Jets will miss Lamont a lot.

[TomShane©] 10:01 pm: Lamont=1700 yards in Oakland

[JonEJet] 10:01 pm: Thanks again Rich

[RichCimini] 10:01 pm: My pleasure, guys. Let’s do it again some time

[Joho] 10:01 pm: Thanks guys.

[TomShane©] 10:01 pm: Thanks alot Rich, you’ve been awesome as usual.

[Maxman] 10:01 pm: Thanks Rich. We appreciate your time. Hope you enjoy the t-shirt!

[The Gun Of Bavaria] 10:01 pm: Thanks Rich.

[A J F] 10:01 pm: Thanks Rich

[Smizzy] 10:01 pm: Anytime rich…you are a great sport!

[Meddle] 10:01 pm: Word Thanks Rich.

[JonEJet] 10:02 pm: That NT things scares the crap out of me.

[Scott Dierking] 10:02 pm: doesn’t sound good

[RichCimini] 10:02 pm: Thanks for the invite. Send your gal over anytime at camp.

[Gang Green Girl] 10:02 pm: Thanks, Rich! Hope you like the t-shirt!!!!!!

[TomShane©] 10:02 pm: lol Our gal is the super-recruiter

[TomShane©] 10:02 pm: Check out Rich’s column in the Daily News.

[Smizzy] 10:02 pm: Any insight real quick on Adrian Jones?

[RichCimini] 10:03 pm: Jones will be good in pass pro, might strugglein the running game

[RichCimini] 10:03 pm: My prediction is he plays 1 or 2 yrs at RT, then replaces Fabini at LT

[JonEJet] 10:03 pm: Has he shed the nickname “turnstile”?

[JonEJet] 10:04 pm: Wow…mad props….Anything with Cavka?

[Meddle] 10:04 pm: That’d be great if Jones did that.

[RichCimini] 10:04 pm: Cavka’s no good. They’ll find somebody else.

[TomShane©] 10:04 pm: Holy Adrian at LT

[JonEJet] 10:04 pm: Thanks

[JonEJet] 10:05 pm: Can we adios Fabini this year….please

[Smizzy] 10:05 pm: Bj Askew…another wasted draft pick?

[JonEJet] 10:05 pm: NO SMIZZ

[A J F] 10:05 pm: What’s wrong with Fabini?

[RichCimini] 10:05 pm: Guys, hate to bail out, but I have to write a Sunday story that is going to keep me up most of the night. Take care.

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