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by JetsBosoxFan, on the Yanks signing of Ruben Rivera

I have a good idea for a thread…How ’bout we list the items Ruben Rivera is most likely to pilfer from the Yankee clubhouse and sell on ebay???

1. Joe Torre’s pinkslip

2. Jason Giamboo’s syringe collection

3. Porn tapes featuring Garroid Sheffield’s wife and P Diddy

4. Porn tapes featuring A-rod and Jeter

5. Bernie Willims’ orthopedic shoes and back pillow

6. Mike Mussina’s copy of “Chicken Soup for the Pretentious Douchebag Soul”

7. Autographed containers of used Human Growth Hormones, we all know how many of those there are lying around that clubhouse floor

8. Broken pieces of video cameras, smashed by Randy Johnson

9. Hideki Matsui’s pic of Shemp Howard that he gives to his barber and says: “Thats what I want”

10. george steinbrenner’s barf bag…though this is particulary mean-spirited ‘cuz the old man will be needing it now more than ever.

Any other ideas???

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