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Peter Schwartz 9/8 Chat Transcript

[TomShane] 9:00 pm: Let’s all welcome Peter Schwartz from ESPN 1050!

[TomShane] 9:00 pm: Hey Peter. Great to have you.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:00 pm: Hi everyone. It’s great to be with you.

[TomShane] 9:01 pm: Peter, the Jets roster, after waiving Lamont Reid today, stands at 51 players. Any ideas as to what will shake out with the other two slots?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:01 pm: I think alot has to do with what some other teams do by the end of business tomorrow. If nothing else, the Jets leave themselves some room to add players next week. I think they are still going to look for another WR and DB.

[TomShane] 9:02 pm: Any chance Harry Williams gets on the active roster?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:03 pm: I think there’s a chance at some point. But the brass was concerned about his maturity level and that’s why he was cut. There was one day at camp when a coach ripped into him good for not paying attention. He’s got plenty of talent.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:05 pm: He’s fast. That’s why Herm called him Willie Mays Hayes.

[TomShane] 9:04 pm: Wow. He seems to be a talented find from the seventh round. As for the DB’s, corner? SS?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:04 pm: I would think safety. Starting two young guys there probably has them worried a little bit. But let’s see how Kerry Rhodes does on Sunday before putting that in stone.

[TomShane] 9:05 pm: He’ll be tested by Tony Gonzalez. Any concerns from the Jets about how he’ll handle the bright lights?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:06 pm: I think there’s always a concern, but they wouldn’t have given him the job if they didn’t believe in him. I really thought Oliver Celestin would start first, but Rhodes had a great camp.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:06 pm: Celestin probably has alot on his mind too being from New Orleans.

[TomShane] 9:07 pm: I saw that about NO. It has to be hell for Celestin.

[Smizzy] 9:07 pm: I have two questions for you Peter. First, why hasn’t Doug Jolley taken the TE job from Chris Baker, and will BJ Askew take Sowell’s job at any point this year?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:08 pm: Jolley didn’t have a very good camp, but it’s interesting that the Jets had Baker Number One on the depth chart at the start of camp. With heimerdinger though, there are plenty of two tight end sets so Jolley will see plenty of action.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:09 pm: Unless Sowell struggles I can’t see BJ taking over. Perhaps in the future because of $$$ but not now.

[Smizzy] 9:09 pm: The Chris Baker I’ve seen so far this preseason has been a different guy all together.

[GreenBeans] 9:09 pm: Hi Peter, thanks for taking the time. I have two questions as well. I’m concerned about the Offensive Line, especially its depth. Is Gragg the answer as the primary backup at tackle for this team? Also, is Adrian Jones the real deal at RT or just wishful thinking on the part of the Jets FO?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:10 pm: Let me answer the first question about Gragg.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:11 pm: I think he was a great pickup. If Fabini gets hurt, they slide AJ over to LT and Gragg plays his natural spot.

[TomShane] 9:11 pm: Is AJ at LT a scary proposition at this point?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:12 pm: Not completely because the left side is his natural side.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:11 pm: I like Adrian Jones, but I was very outspoken when the Jets didnt re-sign McKenzie. Right tackles like that don’t grow on trees.

[Gang Green Girl] 9:12 pm: Peter, quick question on the stadium. We have heard all sorts of rumors. If it doesn’t get settled soon, does this run the risk of becoming a distraction for the players during the season?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:12 pm: ahhh the stadium issue…my favorite subject.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:12 pm: You’ll have to give me some time on this one.

[JetsFanInSec124] 9:13 pm: Keep The Jets In Jersey.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:13 pm: The Jets belong in Queens or Long Island….period. no discussion needed…..

[TomShane] 9:13 pm: Agreed

[PeterSchwartz] 9:13 pm: Anything the Jets say about most of their fans being in NJ is hogwash.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:13 pm: And the rumors right now have the Jets and Giants in serious disagreement on a NJ stadium.

[JetsFanInSec124] 9:14 pm: So what about Wayne Chrebet? What’s been with him so far this Preseason and Training Camp, where has he been and is he still the #3 WR?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:14 pm: The Giants want a stadium, the Jets want a showplace and its probably not going to work.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:14 pm: They should just build it in Queens if they can get the land.

[TomShane] 9:14 pm: That’s good news.

[TomShane] 9:14 pm: I don’t think most fans want any part of a shared complex.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:15 pm: I don’t want the Jets playing in a state where you cant make a left turn anywhere.

[TomShane] 9:15 pm: lol!

[Smizzy] 9:15 pm: lol

[TomShane] 9:15 pm: West Side is dead as a doornail? No chance?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:15 pm: No chance of West Side.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:16 pm: I’m sorry I missed the Wayne Chrebet question…

[PeterSchwartz] 9:16 pm: Chrebet is still the #3 receiver. He looks great, but of course the concussion thing is always a concern.

[TomShane] 9:16 pm: Cotchery is the future at the #3 we assume?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:17 pm: I think Cotchery is going to be a super player and will definitely be a #3, maybe a #2 receiver at some point.

[TomShane] 9:16 pm: Peter, will Queens get red-taped like the West Side?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:17 pm: You know, I’m not sure what’s happening with the Queens situation. I’m looking into it, but the real issue is the need for park space to replace what the Jets will take up with a stadium.

[greengal] 9:17 pm: Hi Peter, thank you for coming here tonight. Brooks Bollinger looked awful during the Giants game and didnt seem to show much at camp . Why did they keep them and what are thy going to do with him? Is there talent there that we are not seeing?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:18 pm: Well, the choice was him or Kevin Eakin and Bollinger has taken NFL snaps and thats why he made the team, and you’re right, he was bad but he was playing behind the scrubini offensive line.

[greengal] 9:19 pm: But he was playing against scrubs, too.

[TomShane] 9:19 pm: Brooks scares me because with Chad’s injury history, BB could be one snap away from starting.

[Bob] 9:20 pm: Peter – honest opinion – is this team ready to make a serious run at the title, or is Herm blowing more smoke? Is the offense going to take time for the dreaded “gelling” process?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:20 pm: That’s a great question.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:21 pm: Alot of “experts” are handing the Jets the AFC East and I don’t get it. The Pats are still the Pats and the Jets have a fair share of question marks.

[Bob] 9:21 pm: Thanks. I’m a professional question-asker.

[TomShane] 9:21 pm: The word “gel” as it relates to the Jets makes me stop breathing.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:21 pm: Chad’s shoulder, Ty Law’s foot, and John Abraham getting in late.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:21 pm: I pick the Jets to be 10-6 and a Wild Card, but if things go their way, they could be better than that.

[TomShane] 9:21 pm: Chad’s shoulder is number one for me.

[Bob] 9:22 pm: That’s how I see it, too. Thanks.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:22 pm: I’m cautiously optimistic.

[mdjet] 9:22 pm: Thanks Peter, did Eakin not show enough even for the practice squad? He looked good the couple of times I saw him in college and NFLE.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:23 pm: I’m not sure he was eligible for the practice squad. He may have been too old or the NFLE thing hurt him. I actually have to check on that, but that’s what I think.

[TomShane] 9:24 pm: Any hangover from the Giants game for Chad? He struggled mightily and his ensuing quotes were not encouraging. What are your thoughts? Is Dinger going to hang with Chad if he’s shaky early on?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:25 pm: I think Chad has to really struggle to get pulled. The Eagles game made him feel better, even though it was just one series. He looked clueless after the Giants game, but he seems to be in a better frame of mind this week.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:25 pm: I do think that the Jets made a great signing in Fiedler. He could win a couple of games.

[Maxman] 9:25 pm: From JetFanMack: What’s going on with Sione Pouha? Are the Jets very disappointed in him? Also, do you think Justin Miller will be returning punts all year?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:25 pm: Let me touch on Pouha first…

[PeterSchwartz] 9:26 pm: Yes, they were disappointed and there was no way they were cutting a third round pick, but this guy should be better down the road. He’ll be in the rotation. He’s a big guy and they need someone to step up to replace Ferguson stopping the run. Let’s not count Pouha out just yet.

[TomShane] 9:27 pm: I was surprised to see Tim McGill waived. He seemed like the kind of big body that the Jets are lacking at the NT spot. If that NT spot isn’t handled by James Reed, it could get ugly in the run game.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:27 pm: McGill is a guy close to my heart because he played for the Dragons and I do play by play for them. He’s actually on the Dolphins 53-man roster now. The Jets had questions about his legwork.

[TomShane] 9:28 pm: The Dolphins need DT’s that don’t weep openly in front of the media.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:27 pm: Miller is part of a trifecta of returners with Cotchery and McCairens. At some point he’ll be the guy.

[JetsFanInSec124] 9:27 pm: Hey Peter, this chatroom and this website is full of Herm Edwards haters (TomShane). I just would like to know what you think about Herm, and what I mean is, do you think he could eventually be the man to lead this team to a Super Bowl Championship?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:29 pm: I can understand the questions about Herm. I think he’s a good coach, but it’s on him now with two new coordinators. He still has alot to learn about clock management and decision making. This is a big year for him.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:29 pm: He’s a great motivator which is a plus for a head coach.

[TomShane] 9:30 pm: I just think Herm would look awesome on one of those studio shows. He’s a gifted orator.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:31 pm: He had a great press conference yesterday talking about 9-11 and the hurricane.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:31 pm: He almost got emotional.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:31 pm: But there’s no question he would also be a great used car salesman.

[Bob] 9:32 pm: I’d rather see him learn how to coach football…

[PeterSchwartz] 9:32 pm: And I like Herm, don’t get me wrong. Just having some fun.

[TomShane] 9:32 pm: We all like Herm. Prior to Sunday

[mdjet] 9:33 pm: Herm also looked clueless this preseason on the sidelines with Dinger and Henderson running things on the sideline, almost like he didn’t know why he was there.

[Bob] 9:29 pm: Is Ty Law going to have a big learning curve with Henderson’s D, or is this “been there, done that” for him?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:30 pm: I think alot of it is ‘been there done that,’ but he is learning the Jets’ system on the fly. He’ll be fine.

[TomShane] 9:32 pm: Law’s contract is huge next season. Is he effectively a one year rental?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:32 pm: On the Law question, yes….very incentive based. Not much risk for Jets.

[Maxman] 9:32 pm: From Faba: What are you hearing about the Trent Green situation? Is his injury more serious than the Chiefs are leading everyone to believe?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:33 pm: We had a Chiefs writer on 1050 Friday who told us that Green would be OK. He returned to practice and should be OK, but we’ll see.

[Smizzy] 9:34 pm: I’ve always been a fan of Victor Hobson. How does he fit into Henderson’s defensive scheme and can he be a productive NFL LB?

[TomShane] 9:34 pm: Just an aside…How are the Yankees being shut out by Mark Hendrickson? Is that what $208 million dollars buys these days? The shame!

[PeterSchwartz] 9:34 pm: LOL

[Bob] 9:35 pm: Never mind Shane. He’s a (giggle) Mets fan.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:35 pm: I like Victor Hobson too, but there’s some concern about his speed. Good tackler.

[Maxman] 9:35 pm: Peter, Ben Graham had a really impressive camp. Is there anything to the theory that his punts are hard to catch? Do the Jets anticipate other teams struggling with his punts?

[TomShane] 9:36 pm: I think Ben Graham fried Justin Miller’s brain as far as catching punts goes.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:37 pm: Some coaches have said there’s something too it. It’s more than a coincidence that there were three muffs in two weeks. Not everyone will muff Ben’s kicks, but they do have a wacky spin to them. Tom is right. I think Miller was really freaked out.

[TomShane] 9:37 pm: Has to be tough for a rookie.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:37 pm: But let’s see him do this in a real game before we go too nuts.

[TomShane] 9:38 pm: Peter, Erik Coleman was getting beat up in camp by Donnie. Anything to that or just growing pains?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:39 pm: That’s just Donnie’s style. Plus, Herm said one day that when a coach stops yelling at players, it’s time to call your agent because you’re getting cut. I think Donnie was just staying on top of him, that’s all.

[Maxman] 9:39 pm: From Scott Dierking: Ever since Herm and Bradway have been together, the media has speculated back and forth which individual had more say in personnel decisions. It has swung both ways. Where do you see it now? Is it currently a healthy relationship?

[TomShane] 9:40 pm: Great question

[PeterSchwartz] 9:40 pm: One thing about the Jets: they don’t say much about this kind of stuff. Very protective of their info. I think Herm, with his last contract, gained more power, but Terry is still the boss. I think in any GM/head coach relationship there are differences, but i think these guys do get along.

[TomShane] 9:41 pm: Interesting. We haven’t seen any more Steve White or Damien Robinson signings.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:42 pm: LOL but Damien still lives because the Jets now have the shotgun.

[TomShane] 9:42 pm: LOL shotgun.

[TomShane] 9:42 pm: Who said that the Jets under Hackett didn’t have firepower?

[TomShane] 9:42 pm: Here’s the annual question: Is this the year Curtis Martin slows down? And has Cedric Houston shown enough to get some carries in short yardage?

[EricBarton50] 9:42 pm: Cedric Houston is the most complete back on the Jets’ roster.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:43 pm: Curtis has shown no signs of slowing down. Blaylock had a great camp and I think will get Lamont Jordan-type work. Houston could see some work, but not much.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:44 pm: Houston was also banged up a bit in camp.

[Bob] 9:44 pm: Are there guys on the team that you can count on to give you straight info, or do they all toe the same sunshiney line?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:44 pm: Management or players?

[Bob] 9:44 pm: Both.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:45 pm: I have players that I talk to. Management has its “favorites” that they talk to.

[Bob] 9:45 pm: The “favorites” are butt-kissers, right?

[TomShane] 9:45 pm: Nice Bob. lol

[PeterSchwartz] 9:45 pm: For lack of a better term

[PeterSchwartz] 9:46 pm: Agents have their favorites too during contract talks.

[TomShane] 9:46 pm: How do you see the game this Sunday, Peter? Jets struggle with Priest?

[Peter Schwartz] 9:47 pm: I think this is a tough spot for the Jets. I think they’ll do a decent job, but i’m picking the Chiefs to win 23-20 but I hope I’m wrong.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:48 pm: I think they will have some issues stopping Priest.

[j e t s] 9:47 pm: With Pennington new to this offensive system and admitedly does not have a full grasp and may not have by season’s end, will he have the flexibility to change play calls at the line of scrimmage?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:48 pm: I have to be honest. I’m not sure if he has complete authority to do that, but I’m sure if he sees certain things he can change a play.

[TomShane] 9:48 pm: How’s DRob’s hand? Will he be wearing ‘The Club’?

[Smizzy] 9:49 pm: Peter…Do you think Drob’s play will suffer without Fergy?

[PeterSchwartz] 9:51 pm: Ferguson’s loss hurts the whole team off the field and on. He was a leader and a great run stopper. Big hole to fill.

[Maxman] 9:52 pm: Peter, does Herm get it done this year? Does he take this team to the promised land?

[TomShane] 9:53 pm: We have to let Peter go soon, guys. Any last thoughts?

[Bob] 9:53 pm: Thanks for the time, Peter.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:53 pm: I dont see the Jets getting to the Super Bowl. I’m still not convinced the Patriots are finished. As I said before, I think the Jets go 10-6 and make the playoffs as a Wild Card. I do think they can do some damage in the playoffs but nothing further than AFC Title Game.

[TomShane] 9:53 pm: I agree. The Jets are one or two players away.

[Bob] 9:54 pm: And a head coach.

[PeterSchwartz] 9:56 pm: Good night everyone. I had a blast.

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