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Rich Cimini Chat Transcript – 11/02/05 Chat With Rich Cimini Of The NY Daily News.

[Jetnation Lounge]: RichCimini has entered at 8:04 pm

[R44] 8:05 pm: Rich, I think one question all Jets fans want to know, is how does the quarterback situation play out going forward?
[R44] 8:06 pm: Are the Jets married to Chad financially? Can they draft a QB in round 1 or trade for a Rivers with their expected cap space?
[RichCimini] 8:06 pm: They’re definitely going to have a new starter in 06. You’ve heard the names. It’s all contingent on money and possible draft-pick compensation
[RichCimini] 8:07 pm: I think chad will be back — if he takes a pay cut, which I think he will. It’s a $12 mil cap hit if they whack him before March 1. Just a hunch, but I don’t think the Jets will make a play for Rivers

[R44] 8:08 pm: Is a first round pick like Matt Leinart or Brady Quinn a possibility?
[RichCimini] 8:09 pm: To get Leinart, they’d have to get into the top 5, which I suppose is a possibility — and then hope the No. 1 team is one that already is set at qb. But can you imagine what they’d have to trade to move up a few spots? I think itwould be prohibitive for a team that has so many other needs

[R44] 8:10 pm: Good answer. Given Curtis Martin’s age, his 3.4 yard average and the Jets record, why isn’t Cedric Houston not getting a few more touches?
[RichCimini] 8:11 pm: Unless Curtis loses a leg, there’s no way Houston gets more than a token carry per game. It’s just not going to happen. Even when the Jets fall out of contention, the powers that be will try to get Curtis his 1,000

[aec4] 8:11 pm: Rich, thanks for taking my salary cap questions: 1) Is Ty Law’s bonus roster or option? If it’s an option bonus, it would be able to be spread out. If it’s roster, it’s all on 2006 2) Do you know anything about roster bonuses upcoming in 06? 3) Do you happen to know the signing bonuses the 2005 picks received?

[Maxman] 8:12 pm: Rich might need a minute to digest that one!

[RichCimini] 8:13 pm: I have all that stuff, but it would take a few minutes to look it up. On Law, it’s an $11 mil option bonus. I can tell you right now, there’s no way they will pay that. If they want him badly enough, they’d re-do his deal.
[aec4] 8:13 pm: Option, where it can be spread out over the remaining 6 yrs? (well 4 because of the CBA?)
[RichCimini] 8:14 pm: yes, the optio bonus gets spread out, but Im not sure if it would be 6 or 4. It’s moot, really.

[4HCrew] 8:13 pm: Rich, thank you for taking the time to join us. With the rumor mill swirling about Herm going to KC do you see the Jets promoting either Donnie or Heimerdinger or do they start fresh with someone out of the organization?
[RichCimini] 8:15 pm: I printed that KC rumor for what it is, just a rumor. He’s not going to KC unless he gets fired, and I don’t see that happening. If it does, Carl Peterson would scoop him up in a second.

[Fred Jetstone] 8:14 pm: Why doesn’t Bollinger get a legitimate shot? THe fans online, at the stadium, at the tailgates and on the streets have affectionately named him “Bollywood” and they all love him and believe in him and are behind him. Why doesn’t he get his chance? What do you think of the nickname Bollywood?
[RichCimini] 8:16 pm: Love the Bollywood name, but the bottom line is, Herm isn’t a believer in Bollywood. He simply has no confidence in the guy. What can I say?
[Fred Jetstone] 8:17 pm: Rich, can you refer to Bollinger as “Bollywood” from now on
[RichCimini] 8:17 pm: Not enough arm strength to get the ball to the perimeter. Not enough on-field command to direct the offense. Too short. Fumbles a lot (did in preseason anyway). Doesn’t have “it” factor.
[Fred Jetstone] 8:18 pm: Dude, is that your opinion or are you speculating for Herm?
[RichCimini] 8:19 pm: Just relaying what I believe Herm’s feelings to be. I agree with some of it, although I think they’re getting to the point where they should give Bollywood a chance.
[Bugg] 8:19 pm: Rich-What do you think of Edwards and Bradway’s job security? Any sense from Johnson or
others at Hofstra that their jobs are in danger?
[RichCimini] 8:19 pm: Herm and Terry are safe.

[GlennFoley] 8:19 pm: What are the chances of John Abraham being here next year? Also why did Parcells hate Glenn Foley? I really feel the Jets could use him now.. he had just as much talent as Pennington IMO
[RichCimini] 8:21 pm: Abraham is their best defensive player. I think they know that, but they want to see him get through an entire season. The Chad injury spooked the Jets, who now worry about doling out big bucks to injury-prone players. If they can’t agree to a long-term deal, they could franchise him and use him as trade bait for a QB.
[RichCimini] 8:22 pm: I loved Foley. I still see him every summer at his golf tournament. I wish I could hit the ball the way he does. Parcells got tired of Foley’s injuries and he thinks Foley talked too much to the media, which, of course, the media didn’t mind.
[GlennFoley] 8:23 pm: #1 Foley fan here.. thanks for answering my question

[johnny green balls] 8:22 pm: Thanks again for joining us, Rich– What is your response to the Ray Mickens interview in the Post? I am referring specifically to his comments regarding no pad practices and Herm giving the team a four day break over the bye week. If you don’t mind taking a double question… who has a better chance to be in green next season? Volek or Rivers?
[RichCimini] 8:23 pm: Mickens made some very good points, as he always does. People that I talked to from other teams were surprised that a 2-5 team got 4 days off. Volek is a better candidate. Rivers won’t be a Jet,
[johnny green balls] 8:24 pm: Too bad about Rivers. Thanks Rich.

[Smizzy] 8:22 pm: Rich, in you opinion, how much is Dinger’s zone blocking schemes can be attributed to the OLine’s poor play, especially pass blocking?
[RichCimini] 8:25 pm: The OL is definitely going through a transition period with Dinger’s schemes. In particular, the blitz protections are highly involved, much more so than the previous system. I think that’s part of the problem.

[R44] 8:25 pm: Rich, speaking of QB’s, the Jets liked Kevin Eakin this summer….He’s started off red-hot in Hamilton ( CFL) with 600 yards in his first 2 starts, for a very poor team…..Do the Jets regret not keeping Eakin in some form? Did they make a mistake not keeping this kid, at least, on the practice squad?
[RichCimini] 8:26 pm: He could’ve been a good practice-squad guy, but I don’t think they envisioned him as anything more than that. He’s getting great experience now, and maybe he could come back next summer.

[R44] 8:27 pm: We know Vilma has been great….But are the Jets really set at OLB going forward? Do they need, or want, more speed on the perimeter?
[RichCimini] 8:28 pm: I think they have enough speed on the perimeter. What they need on defense is a big body in the middle. Reed is a try-hard guy (has a great left hook, too), but he’s not the answer.

[AirForceJetFan] 8:28 pm: Two questions if thats okay Rich, any idea (even ballpark) what kind of situation the jets will be in next off-season as far as the cap? Does Ty Law have a chance to stick around and if the Jets end up picking in the top 5, will they be able to pay the cash needed for such a high pick? Also, any thought on Herms refusal for five years now to sit Curtis when he’s hurt to let somebody else get some game reps while Curtis gets healthy?
[RichCimini] 8:31 pm: Right now, the Jets are about $28 mil over the projected 06 cap.Yes, Law could stick around, if he agrees to re-doing his deal. If they’re in the top 5, cash won’t be a problem, but cap space will have to be a consideration.Curtis isn’t going to sit. Unless he’s in a wheelchair, he’s going to play. If they didn’t rest him with Jordan here, they’re certainly not going to do it with Houston.

[Gainzo] 8:29 pm: Have you met Ben Graham? We all know he can punt, but as an Aussie I have an interest in his new career. He was a very good Australian Football player and I wonder how he fits in with the Jets.
[RichCimini] 8:32 pm: Ben is a good punter and a nice guy. They want to keep him around. I’m not sure if he’s signed for 06, but that wouldn’t be a problem if he’s not. He’d be an exclusive rights free agent, which means he can’t go anywhere.


[Bob] 8:31 pm: Yo, Gainzo, wait your turn! Rich, I came in late, so sorry if this has been asked – How close is Fiedler to returning?
[RichCimini] 8:33 pm: I’m hearing that he could be practicing in a couple of weeks. If all goes well, I’d say he could be ready to start Nov. 27 vs NO at home.

[4HCrew] 8:33 pm: How do you see the Mawae situation playing out next year? Will he be a Jet and at what price?
[RichCimini] 8:34 pm: I think Kevin will be back, but they’ll probably try to get him to take a pay cut. He’s not the Mawae of old, but the Jets think he was playing at a high level at the time of the injury,

[johnny green balls] 8:34 pm: How optimistic/pessimistic are the Jets regarding Pennington? Please tell me the buzz is that they are operating under the assumption that he won’t be returning to cover their butts…
[RichCimini] 8:36 pm: The Jets aren’t counting on Chad to be 100% for ’06. How can they? He wasn’t 100% with a 6-month rehab after the first surgery. Who knows how the second operation will affect him? Yes, they want him back, but they can’t stake another season to him, especially considering that Herm and Terry could be in make-or-break situations in 06.
[Smizzy] 8:37 pm: What do you think about the NYJets reaching a multi-deal partnership with Sportsnet New
York? & How will this benifit jets fans?
[RichCimini] 8:37 pm: The Jets might not have a real home, but at least they have one on TV. Hey, it’s just another way to make money and sell the product.

[aec4] 8:38 pm: Do you think the Jets are considering cutting Martin since it would save them 2.1M on the cap? How about others? Also, do you think the top priority, if you had to pick 1 and only 1 would be OL, RB, or QB in the draft? Also, FYI: I believe Eakin is subject to the “CFL” rule which means once someone signs a deal he’s offlimits to the NFL for 2 yrs. (also, Graham’s unsigned for 2006 according to
[RichCimini] 8:40 pm: I think they could keep Curtis if he takes a pay cut and is agreeable to becoming a mentor for a young stud RB, like a Reggie Bush. I can’t see how they could commit to him as their feature back in 06. Right now, if the Jets had one pick, I’d sayQB. RB is a close second.
[R44] 8:41 pm: Bush, Laurence Maroney of Minnesota and D. Williams of Memphis State all could be top 5 picks…Maybe even Len Dale White too….All, except Williams, are juniors and would have to declare.

[R44] 8:40 pm: Thanks for clearing up the Eakin situation….What is the deal with Doug Jolley? Do the Jets still have big plans for him?
[RichCimini] 8:41 pm: The Jolley situation is puzzling. I think the guy can be a good receiving TE (he looked good in camp), but they obviously think he’s a lousy blocker. Herm says they can’t use him because they don’t get enough plays, but that’s just spin. Maybe if they used him, they’d get more plays.
[R44] 8:42 pm: Rich, I think, given the price paid for Doug, Jets fans want him to play.

[Jets28] 8:40 pm: Because of the dismal season the Jets are having, do you think that it will be hard for Abe to seek out the contract he wants?….I think its hard to shine when a whole unit isn’t playing well.
[RichCimini] 8:42 pm: I don’t think the overall team performance will have an impact on Abe. Hey, sometimes that can work in the players’ favor because the team gets desperate to hold on to its best players.
[Jets28] 8:43 pm: thanks Rich….thats what Im thinking and hoping

[RichCimini] 8:44 pm: There’s a misconception about Jolley. They didn’t trade him for a No. 1 pick. It was part of the deal. When you use the points system for trades, they got Jolley for the equivalent of a third-rounder

[Maxman] 8:46 pm: From Faba: What are you long term opinions of the Nugent and Miller picks?
[RichCimini] 8:47 pm: Miller is a hell of a KOR. Still shaky on punts. I’m still not sold on Nugent. He does not have a big leg, which is evident on kickoffs. To validate his draft position, he’s gonna have to be #$%^&* near perfect on FGs.

[RichCimini] 8:48 pm: Wow, you guys are tougher than my editors. I didn’t realize I couldn’t use the word &*%$#
[Maxman] 8:48 pm: I will fix that Rich….lol.
[R44] 8:52 pm: By the way, Rich, Vermeil’s first name is bleeped too on this site LOL

[EricBarton50] 8:48 pm: thanks Rich for taking time to answer our questions. My question to you relates to Joel Dreessen. Do you see him possibly starting in 2006, maybe the Jets let Chris Baker walk? Should we expect bigger things from Joel in the blocking game as well as the passing game?
[RichCimini] 8:49 pm: Joel’s role is definitely increasing. They think he’s a better blocker than Jolley. At Atlanta, Joel got most of the work in 2 TE sets. I don’t think he’d start in 06, but with Baker an UFA, they’d at least have some decent depth
[Sperm Edwards] 8:50 pm: Do you think the Jets, given the cap situation, would be better off drafting an unknown quantity with a top-5 pick (it seems that’s where we’re headed) or trading down once or twice to stockpile picks. In particular given our own high 2nd & 3rd rounders plus compensatory picks for Jordan & McKenzie & Ferguson we could end up with as many as 7-8 first-day picks for MUCH cheaper $. We could get a BUNCH of fast, young, & talented players for cheap.
[RichCimini] 8:51 pm: You make a great point. The Jets will get some compensatory picks.One thing to remember about picking in the top 5: It’s hard to trade down because not many teams want to shell out that much money for a rookie. Otherwise, the stockpiling idea makes sense.

[KINGDIRK] 8:52 pm: Rich, I think Jets need to cut Chad and move on. Any chance we could deal Abraham and a mid round pick FOR Phillip Rivers. Then draft a stud RB (Bush, Maroney)?
[RichCimini]8:53 pm: The Jets’ decision will be this: What do we need more, a QB or a RB? Either way, they’re going to have to give up a first round pick — unless they sign a FA QB, and I don’t think there are any good ones out there. I think they could trade Abe, but it won’t be for Rivers. I don’t think he’s on the radar
[aec4]8:53 pm: Note for the chat: Remember, you can not trade Comp picks

[Bob] 8:53 pm: What’s the attitude in the locker room? Have they given up on the season? I know they’d never say so on the record, but they MUST know they’re in trouble.
[RichCimini] 8:55 pm: Frankly, I don’t feel too many positive vibes in the LR. I think the players (not all of them) are using the injury situation as a crutch. Hey, that’s just my opinion. THey could go out and smoke SD for all I know.

[johnny green balls] 8:56 pm: What do you think about Hackett v. Dinger? Do you think Hackett got the shaft for just playing to Chad’s strengths/weaknesses?
[RichCimini] 8:58 pm: it’s impossible to evaluate Dinger. Hackett wasn’t as bad as some made him out to be. He played to Chad’s strengths and kept turnovers to a minimum. We’re seeing now how much the turnovers are hurting the defense. Henderson probably loved Hackett because the offense played keep-away and didn’t turn it over. Hackett was a poor play caller, and that doomed him.
[GlennFoley] 8:59 pm: Is it just me or does Bradway seem to get enamored by “workout warriors” in drafts? Do you think he will change his drafting strategy with all the busts hes had over his tenure here?
[RichCimini] 9:00 pm: Interesting point. He definitely fell for Bryan Thomas, Jon McGraw, and probably a few other high picks because of their “computer numbers.” He didn’t use that formula for Vilma, who, by most standards, is too small to play MLB. Obviously, he’s pretty good.
[Maxman] 9:00 pm: R44 to wrap it up with one last question. Rich as always, we thank you for your time. We are really looking forward to your column next week entitled: INSIDER.

[R44] 9:01 pm: Rich, on behalf of Maxman and all the others, we can’t thank you enough for spending some time with us and sharing your sage insights…..2 very quick, last questions:1) Rich, Jets made some moves this week, including locking up a former CFL #1 pick — Steve Morley — and signing Doug Neinhuis off the Seahawks practice squad…..Any insider info on these 2? How are they veiwed by coaches…..2)2) In all your time covering the team, particularly in the Parcells era, where there 1 or 2 draft picks or veterans signed that seemed so bad, right off the bat, you wondered how they ever got handed a green uniform?
[RichCimini] 9:06 pm: I wish I could give you some useful info on the newcomers, but I’d be lying. With the young OLM, Moreley and Neinhuis, I believe the Jets are trying to build a young foundation of OLM, trying to uncover another Brandon Moore. They think Marrone does well with youn OLM, and they’re hoping to hit on one of these guys. Don’t have contract details on Morley, but his signing bonus probably isn’t big enough to buy dinner for his friends at Luger’s.As for part 2, there are a few draft picks that I
[RichCimini] 9:07 pm: cont…could tell were stiffs: Coleman Rudolph, Kurt Barber, Rick Terry. Believe it or not, I thought Coles was going to be a bust. So did some people in the front office.
[Maxman] 9:07 pm: Thanks Rich. As usual you were great. We appreciate your honesty.
[aec4] 9:08 pm: yes rich, thanks.. you did a good job
[Smizzy] 9:08 pm: Thanks Rich for taking the time to talk with us tonight. We really do appreciate it as always and we hope you come back for another chat sometime soon!!
[RichCimini] 9:08 pm: Once again, thanks for the invitation. Appreciate it. You have the best fans and the best Jets website. I’ll come back any time.
[Maxman] 9:08 pm: WOW….a ringing endorsement from Mr. Cimini!
[PatsFanTX] 9:09 pm: Max, that was an excellent live chat. Very well done!

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