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On November 30th, 2005 Bugg wrote:

I asked the question that led to this response because all this torn biceps stuff is indicative of piss poor conditioning. (Note: The question, which occurred during the Randy Lange chat on 10/29/2005, was “Any idea what role John Lott’s departure played in the injuries,any sense that conditioning has fallen off?”)

Kinda suspect that while Edwards is off galivanting to the tune of $17,500 per borefest all offseason, NOBODY is watching the offseason conditioning program. Now I imagine a Miami guy like Vilma even if he misses the Jets program is working like a dog with all the other former Hurricanes in Miami. Same goes for Martin, who even old is still in great shape. Self-starters don’t need a drill sergeant on them 24/7.

But it’s disgraceful that as pros many don’t have enough pride to do it on their own. Some of them are overgrown children, and here is where the supposed “motivational” skills should come to the fore. But haven’t heard of anyone catching any grief or fines for missing “voluntary” camps or workouts in the offseason. As usual, Edwards can talk all day, but does really nothing.Because it’s clear form the hands on hips late in the game and the multitude of injuries this is not a well-conditioned team.

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