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This is a great day for fans of intelligent, exciting and innovative football. We as Jet fans are finally returning to quality leadership from a Xs Os Football 101 point of view. How refreshing it will be to know that
our HC will be adding something to the DC and OC strategy sessions leading up to a game.

How refreshing it will be to know that we will have the capability to make ingame adjustments and exploit opposing weaknesses. Imagine knowing now that we will have a HC who will lambast a refree for a poor call NOT to
get it overturned BUT to get the NEXT call.

How great will it be to know that we will have a HC with the football IQ to actually understand the nuances of clock management at end of half or game.

How fantastic will it be to know that we have a HC to make the tough career ending decisions on veterans or once honorable Jets. To succeed you have to make the tough calls. Wont it be nice to know that overweight players will be fined and those not participating in offseason and inseason conditioning wont play. How about no special rules for certain
players, remember, this is a system that emphasizes the no star concept, NO TURDS ALLOWED.
A new era has embarked on us, it will take time to do it right, but we finally have a LONG tERM solution with a NY area native who has a PROVEN system that when implemented and followed will make us competitive for a
long time.

Great hire Woody, Terry and Mike.

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