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I heard BB had a replacement lined up in the 1st round

Originally Posted by shutout

Actually,he’s gonna offer Mangini a 2nd rounder for Nugent. Mangini will accept,then the Jets will sign Vinatieri. Everyone will say BB has gone mad,then Nugent will kick 99% of his kickoffs into the endzone,and kick 5 game-winning field goals,including the AFC Championship and Superbowl,which will both be kicks of 50+ yards.

Meanwhile,in New York,Vinatieri will not have a single touchback and will barely make 75% of his FG’s.

Afterwards,mass hysteria will break out throughout NYC over one comment made on a Jets message board by a Patriot fan from Texas…

“Well,looks like Nugent was worth a 2nd rounder after all”

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