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The new regime cut $40M off the salary cap in about a month.

We have two first-round draft picks. And if we take Minnesota’s offer, we’ll still have two first rounders to go with three 2nd-rounders.

I don’t have to endure another season of giving Curtis Martin 12-15 carries to get “warmed up” – if he’s running good he’ll get more; if he’s stinking it up he’ll get pulled for Blaylock/Houston.

The 29 DB’s we drafted may yield a secondary that can stop someone on 3rd down.

Rookies will be given a chance even if the incumbent veteran is healthy.

The starting QB will be annointed after beating out the other in training camp rather than starting b/c he has the higher contract.

Players will learn more than one position so a couple of injuries won’t end the season immediately. Looking forward to, now & then, seeing Trevor Johnson line up at TE & Kimo von Oelhoffen at FB.

Our players will be in shape.

Our players will have an interest in the team as well as their contracts – didn’t Mangini have the players watch game film of the draft prospects this year?

Our opponents will not know our gameplans on the Tuesday before kickoff.

We actually wait for the best offer for a commodity (Abraham) instead of giving it away for nothing to a buddy (Herm).

We will fill the roster with future need positions before we actually need them. Then play these young guys before the veteran is ready for the glue factory.

No more insane contracts/trades for players who haven’t proven worthy yet (Chad, DRob), or who have shown that their ceiling/attitude doesn’t warrant all that cap space (Abe) so we can use it on other players.

I haven’t been this excited about a Jets off-season in a long time. AND that’s with expecting them to suck badly. Sucking would somehow be watchable if you know you’re on the rise & building something; if losing is because you simply don’t have the (mature) talent to compete yet & not because your coach can’t count, plan ahead, do something other than smile/clap after a brutal call by officials, or assist in the gameplan at all during a game.

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