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No doubt it would be Brenda, but I’d have to be single to really enjoy it.

The peorson (sic) I would not want to go with is Flowtrain, although I don’t think he posts here. Mainly because the conversation would be like this:

Me: Hey Flow, should we go right or left here?

Flow: Well, asw you can see going right is certainly a valid option. It will possibly lead us to where we need to get to, but then again it might take us further away. If we go left, that avenue could possibly have benefits that we might not realize at the moment. Down the road there are consequences and benefits to each decision. Left or right, it might not look like the correct way at first but in the long run it just might be the best option.

Me: So, WTF are you saying? Left or Right?

Flow: Clearly your conscince can’t handle to intellectual nourishment that I have provided. I have wielded my blade of knowledge, but yet you cannot comprehend the subtle slice of information I have bestowed on you. You are a mere peasant to my brain capacity.

Me: OK dude whatever the f*ck you say.

Flowtrain’s JI worshipers: Dude Flow you pwned him man!! Thsat was serious pwnage!! Is anyone possibly more knowledgeable than Flow?!! My god I want to conceive your children through my penis as a sacrifice to your greatness!!

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