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Posted by Maxman

Originally Posted by Maxman

Regardless of the thread title, this is how the average thread works in the JN Lounge. (yeah this is a bit played out but it makes me laugh so I am posting it).

POSTER: Asks a question / makes a comment.
VERDE: Hey POSTER. Are you hot? Wanna make out.
TX: Hey Dumbass, welcome to the site.
Greengal: I am cute, how come nobody responds to me?
BREN: hicuup
Maxman: Holy crap, that is hysterical.
Blackout806: Check out this article about a cat that got electrocuted.
DickKotite: hahaha I ever tell you about the time limo and jetgirl had a fight over insurance money .
Maxman: Holy crap, that is hysterical.
VERDE: Gotta run, going to the gym now.
Greenbeans: Good one V. POTW NOM.
Smizzy: Jets | Newhouse & reed signed
Jetheelz: The new Superman trailer is sexy in a hetero kind of way.
Garb: Oh the typical Jet fan, so sad. So uneducated. Have to love the internet though. Although I never want to meet any of you in real life.
SouthernJet: So these two lesbians walk into a hostess factory…
BigAlNYC: This one time in college, Bit got wasted and slept with 8 hookers. 4 of them were men so he is only half a fag.
Maxman: Holy crap, that is hysterical.
Verde: I am back from my workout, I am shredded.
JoeWilly: Hey V, does your gym have that new fake grass?
Bob: This banner stinks.
Greenmachine: Agreed. I would have done it for free.
Faba: Get along people – we are all friends in the internet sense.
GreenDNA: Anyone want porn? PM me and I will add you to the email list.
POSTER: Signs off and decides to never return.

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