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John Abraham replaced by Kimo VonOelhoffen

DE in a 3-4 defense is not the same position as DE in a 4-3 defense. Abraham is a 4-3 DE who’s weak against the run, who also got a $50M contract. We’re switching to a 3-4 base defense & he doesn’t fit in it. VonOelhoffen fits & should be a good run-stopper at DE for a couple more years at a much more manageable cap number.

Kevin Mawae replaced by Nick Mangold

SJ put it best: by the time the Jets are true contenders, Mawae’s contract will be over anyway & we’d be searching for his replacement. Or should we have re-signed Mawae at 36 years old to another extension? Please. Get the replacement now & get him some playing time now. Plus Mawae, for as good as he was in his prime, can’t keep his trap shut to reporters & in the locker room. He is a distraction more than a leader & a new HC doesn’t need that. A no-brainer.

Ty Law replaced by Andre Dyson

So we should’ve kept law & paid him a bigger bonus ($11M) and salary in excess of his $10M demand that no one else will pay? Dyson doesn’t have Law’s talent, but we got him for half of Law’s demands & less than half of Law’s SB demands. Within 2 years maximum, Law won’t be playing CB anymore.

Kareem McKenzie replaced by Adrian Young

If you mean Adrian Jones, again it comes down to money. No one gives a good-but-not-great RT a $35M contract. That’s LT money. RT’s are much easier to come by, and for much cheaper.

Lamont Jordan Replaced by Cedric Houston

Well since we offered Jordan the same contract that Oakland did, Jordan must have had a good reason for leaving. He did: the head coach wouldn’t play him & lied to him for years.

Jason Ferguson replaced by Sione Pouha.

Pouha has shown us absolutely nothing so far. He looks like a bust. Ferguson would’ve also cost $10M in signing bonus alone to keep. He was good but not that good at his age. With us, he also had somewhat of a history of playing well in contract years & sucking after getting paid.

Jason Fabini replaced by D’Brickasha Ferguson

You have a problem with this? Exactly how many teams want Jason Fabini starting on their team? Answer = none.

Anthony Becht replaced by Doug Jolley

Eh. Becht can block but can’t catch. Jolley can catch but can’t block. Both stink. Jolley’s dirt cheap & he’s cuttable at any time with no cap hit.

Santana Moss replaced by Laverneous Coles
Why do I think that if we turned down Washington’s offer, kept Moss, and watched him rack up 750 yards for the Jets, that you’d be complaining still? You must really think Coles is the worst WR in the league. I mean, you weren’t at all unhappy when we replaced Coles with Curtis Conway a couple of years before either:

Jay Fiedler replaced by Patrick Ramsey
You wanted us to pay Jay Fiedler’s $3M bonus? Or perhaps you wanted TWO quarterbacks coming off the IR in 2005 on the roster. It’s not like Fiedler was ever that great on the field or as a prospect to begin with.

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