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Here is why Chad is the QB for today: he is being showcased as a model for Clemens:

-The way that he prepares for games

-The way that he studies, understands, and even questions a game plan

-The way that he will improvises a game plan and add to it through thoughtful coaches council

-The way that he mentally approaches a game.

DO NOT underestimate how important that the process that Chad takes before a game is for a young qb to emulate. Chad is the son of a coach and understands the preparation game better than most in teh NFL.

While Clemens may be the best long term answer for the Jets, he is not ready for life of the NFL. Not behind this line that will be learning itself. Not in an offense that no one on the team has mastered yet. Not in teh debilitating and mentally defeating circumstances that this team is going to find itself in this year.

No young QB would be ready for those things. What you do is get someoen that the qb can emulate and learn from. Chad is the best for Clemes to emulate.

Despite what Mangini says outwardly, this is about preparing the team for the future. The way you do that for a qb in these circumstances is to give him someone to mimic and emulate in preparation in a professional qb way. Chad is perfect for that

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