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And I just read Herm broke a long tradition by making the team wear white at home yesterday. I didnt know this until I read the KC papers, but it was the first time the Chiefs wore white at home EVER. The Red Jerseys are supposedly a big tradition for CHiefs home games as the whole city wears red the Friday before every game and the Chiefs have a great home record. This pissed Chiefs fans off.

BUt thats herm for ya, he cant put together a solid game plaN or manage a game so he is always reverting to trivial nonsense like wearing white at home because of the hot weather (something you shouldnt have to worry about if your condition your team in camp instead of having BBQs), even if he has to break a long proud-tradition, in order to try and win a game.

A 4th rounder for this guy? How unfair. The League should ask us to give it back

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