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He was real impressive. The Jets were HUGE underdogs. They had Herm as a HC. Hackett as an O\C. Now before you dismiss those things — Hackett left and could only get a QB Coach job. Herm — well his KC team speaks for itself.

Anyway Chad had a torn rotator cuff in that game. And the Jets could not run the ball. He went out there anyway and put his team in position to win. Not once, twice.

Now to us it is all about winning the game. But you are the one who said Leinart looked so sexy in these losses. Maybe your standards are slipping. But the W is all that matters.

Huge underdogs, busted arm, terrible coaching staff, no running game, awesome defense, hostile crowd…those are the things that Chad went out and played against. When he should have been on the I.R. You can take shots at Chad if you want. But I am proud to root for him. That kid is all heart.

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