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If the Jets are ever going to be successful with Pennington as the QB they HAVE to be able to run the football down teams throats a la teams like the Steelers.

Power football also sets up play action which in mind is what would make Pennington a better QB. Impose your will on the D. Dictate what the D has to do (Play the run) and just physically beat them up.

Let’s not forget this is still a work in progress. The fact that they are even contending for playoff spot at this point in my mind is a bonus.

I thought the Jets did a good job in first half of running the football at times. The second half though the Bears were able to shut it down and when you shut down the running game you also shutdown the Jets passing game.

Defensively I thought the Jets were fine today. They still though are going to have to come up with some pass rushers up front so they don’t have to sell out with the blitz all the time.

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