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Hello?!? The Browns are obviously one of the top 32 teams in the whole world. They got a letter from the commissioner saying they play on Sundays. Not every football team across the country gets the letter. But obviously they got the letter. And we got the letter. Obviously, we both got letters that not everyone got. And I’m obviously proud of that. I tell my players that and they appreciate it. It makes them feel like men. I treat my players like men. Because that’s what they are, obviously. They are men. They aren’t little boys or women or bicycles or pool cleaner or mesquite barbecue sauce. I obviously know that. And I tell them that I know that. And they appreciate that I know that and tell them that I know that. It could flustrate them to tell them otherwise or to not tell them at all. I know that. I know. Men obviously don’t like to be flustrated. It flustrates them. And then obviously they won’t want any kool-aid. And I want them to drink that kool-aid. They should drink it. They have earned it as men. They’ve earned it because they’ve swept the corners. Like Lia and I always tell our son. Don’t forget to sweep the corners. If I go in there I’m checking the corners so I know they’re swept. But he’s not a player. The players are players. And they’re also men. And I don’t need to treat them like that. They’ve already swept their corners. And that’s why they’re here. Obviously.

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