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I think the process has already begun. Mangini can’t promote a guy from #3 to #1 and then say to the world it gives us the best chance to win. But in doing so he’s made the move from Chad to Clemens closer. I think once we are eliminated it’s a done deal. But Chad still has a lot of support in the locker room, particularly from vocal guys like Coles. You can’t bench the primary receiver’s favorite QB while you’re still in a playoff hunt & sell it as being best chance for the team for the upcoming game.

I don’t believe for a second that Mangini is blind to Chad’s shortcomings. He’s a defensive guy – and a DB guy in particular – and certainly knows how much easier it is to defend a QB who can’t (or won’t) stretch the field.

But a HC is more than just a game tactician. He’s also somewhat of a politician, in dealing with both the players and with the media; not to mention potential FA’s. He doesn’t have superbowl rings to get the benefit of the doubt like a Parcells or a Shanahan. A rookie HC of a team with weaknesses at more than just the QB position has got to be more subtle, particularly with the most important position on the team, for better or for worse.

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