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And their record is what ?

This is really getting pathetic on both sides.

The were all over Chad last week but conviently forget that the D was crap and the OL was crap as well.

“It’s all Chad’s fault the Jets lost”
Fast forward to today.

Chad has great game and the pro Chad guys are having a circle jerk thinking he won the game all by himself not taking into the fact that OL did a great job protecting him and the D was balling big time today.

The haters of course. Well it was against the 27 rated pass defense, The D played great he had protection.

You know what ?

You all F’n SUCK !!!!!!

Smizzy is dead right. You can’t even enjoy a win or a game anymore with bickering.

The Jets are 8-6 WAY beyond everyone’s expectations and are not only in the wild card race but the DIVISON race as well.

Of course that doesn’t matter to you guys. All you care about is Chad is great or Chad sucks.

And then you sit there and TX jerk you all around like the puppets you have all become.

It is really is a shame to see TX being the puppetmaster to you all.

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