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Some have labored since the beginning of the AFL. Some have recently joined via different paths.

We have watched with friends, fathers or strangers who became fast and long-term buddies.

Only a few of us relished in the glory of the day many many years ago when we not only beat the Colts but the NFL to gain immortal status in Sports lore.

Since then we have toiled as fans of a franchise that has seen more downs than ups. We have crashed our beer mug on the table as #99 roughed Kosar ending a Super Bowl run. We have thrown the remote at the TV when a fumble in Denver ended another Run to Glory. We have even seen a DE intercept our QB in Miami 3 times to end what was yet another attempt at history.

But through all of that we have stayed the course in our shared communal experience. Jet fans have seen other teams capture the idyllic pedestal that winning elevates you to. Winning, innovative coaches have seemed to be other teams fortunes. We had The Tuna, but even then, the oldest of us sensed this was a short term solution to our drama.

Our eyes viewed other teams coaches make ingame adjustements and use gameplans that left our usually second class coaches in the dust.


Our time has come Jet fans. I dont say this lightly. Our time has come.

A long run in the playoffs may or may not come this year. What has come this year is the end of our long and winding road. We have stability. We have coaching at the highest, most innovative levels. We have committment that this coach will be here for the long-run. All the things we envisioned about our front office and our coaching have finally come to fruition. We as Jets fans can HONESTLY feel that for quite a long time to come we will be playing meaningful games into December and will be a permanent fixture in the Playoff drives to a SuperBowl.

This is what we have waited for.

My God, this is what we have waited for.

We are playing the last game of the season with Playoff implications in the 1st year of a new system and a new staff. Imagine the what the future years hold.

On Sunday Jet fans, bring your A Game to the stadium, to the bar, to the living room or wherever you show that the Jets are part of your heart and soul. Show the world that we are now part of the NFL Power structure for many years to come.

After all, This is what we have waited for.

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