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New JN Poster Questionaire

With all the new posters coming aboard lately, I think we need a preliminary screening process so we know where people stand on issues. It will only take a few minutes to complete, so thank you in advance for your cooperation.

1. JN posters are
a) the best Jet posters on the internet
b) a bunch of losers who p1ssed off the wrong people
c) homos

2. The starting QB for the NYJ in 2007 should be
a) Chad Pennington
b) Kellen Clemens
c) Joe Namath

3. When interviewing at JN one should remember to bring their
a) NYJ media guide
b) plunger
c) latex gloves

4. In the 2007 draft, the Jets must draft
a) more offense
b) more defense
c) more MILFs

5. The biggest arguments on JN are about
a) whether Chad should continue to be the starting QB
b) who is hotter, Verde or GOB
c) Whether Max or Smizzy will be on top tonite

6. The vBookie on JN
a) rocks
b) is secretly operated by The Sopranos
c) what is vBookie?

7. JN posters’ second favorite website is
a) YouTube
c) Vida Guerrera photo gallery

8. The one thing that really sets JN apart from the other sites is
a) quality football discussion
b) song lyrics
c) nothing. JN is a cheap imitation

9. The internet border wars are
a) silly
b) awesome
c) what borders? What wars? Link?

10. The secret password that goes with the secret handshake is
a) Tick…tick…tick…
b) Tom Shane
c) Patsy trolls

11. Sperm Edwards is
a) a moderator at JN
b) the head doosh of the KC Chiefs
c) a trigger phrase that excites Max and Smizzy

12. The JN mantra is
a) Do you post?
b) I was banned at JI
c) What’s a mantra?

13. The Shower Rankings are
a) a guest feature by our favorite Bears poster
b) Discussion of bridal gifts by JFBM, Garb, gg, Phile and Verde
c) Smizzy critiquing Max’s lovemaking abilities

14. JN’s adopted college team is
a) Rutgers
b) Miami
c) anyone but Miami

And finally,

15. The number one reason I post at JN is
a) I love the NY Jets
b) I dont want to do any work
c) I dont post. I keep the browser open while I search for internet porn.

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