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This talk about Randy McMichael being a target for the Jets and some of the enthusiasm shown by fans about bringing him to New York got me to wondering. McMichael has had a couple of incidents documented where he assaulted his girlfriend (once while she was pregnant) and when he was a dolphin he was a “scumbag” and a “terrible human being” but now that he’s a free agent who can catch the football, a lot of fans are willling to forgive and forget his history of beating on women. I was just wondering where each person draws the line? I’ve heard a lot of fans say “I don’t care what a player does in his personal life as long as he can play football”. So, if Randy McMichael or any other NFL player for that matter was available and they were a top talent. Perrenial pro bowler. Would you want that player on your team if he were a rapist? Murderer? Child molester? If you see video of the player running from the cops after being busted on “to catch a predator” do you think to yourself “what a doucebag” or do you think “wow, he must run a 4.4 40, pick up the phone Tangini”? Again, just wondering where folks draw the line. What crimes are overriden by great football talent and which ones aren’t?

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