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My point is this — people get labeled as being a homer. And they get blasted for it.

Yet isn’t that what sports is all about? At least at one time for all of us, we believed. We just knew it was going to happen. With our heart and soul we felt like if we didn’t doubt our team that they would win it all. In 1996 the Yankees were down 2 – 0 and I was called a homer for believing they were going to win that series. Sure we are all wrong much more than we are right. But that is the fun part. Believing.

With age reality might set in and wash some of that away. I just actually admire the people I see called homers. Because they represent something pure. Call me a purist but life has enough realities for me as is. Enough things that are definite. I am not saying that you have to take the company line and think of no other possibilities. But there is a lot of hate. That in itself is a problem imo.

The Jets are going to win the Super Bowl next year. I believe that. People will blast me for it, but that is okay. Because believing is what makes sports fun for me.

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