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It’s funny, everyone always wants to make Coles out to be some locker room distraction for saying things like this, however it’s clear that there is a very strong mutual respect between the two. Coles has always been the one to “heckle” Mangini a bit (nicknaming him The Penguin). You don’t get away with that unless there is a clear cut high level of respect both for the coach and from the coach. In fact, I’d go out on a limb and say that Coles and Mangini probably have the strongest coach/player relationship on the team. Coles jawbone is probably still in some grassy filed outside of Gillette stadium thanks to a well timed vintage Pennington floater that nearly got him killed. After taking that kind of a hit, I would venture a guess that 80% of all WR’s in the league would have been done for the day and not one person would blame or pass criticism for doing so. Coles was back in the very next series. Players don’t do that for coaches they don’t like or respect.

(In reply to this line from a Rich Cimini blog entry: “Even Coles, who often bemoans the workload, sees a method to the madness. “He wants to see who’s going to fold under pressure,” he said. “All he does is apply pressure – week in, week out, day to day, hour to hour. A lot of guys can’t handle it. But if they can deal with that, they can deal with game conditions.”)

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