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Posted By Scott Dierking

SJ, I have become convinced by some of the younger fans on this site that there is not a love and a joy of the sport.

Some of the fans on this site only view this sport having only experienced success by their team, and are only able to handle

non-success by cutting their own team down, rather than giving credit to other teams. Losses are only about what their team didn’t do, not what the other team did.

There is another faction that views baseball only in a statistical manner. Players are automatons, broken down by stats that take all of the elements crucial to the flow of the game out of it.

Others view the game only from a fantasy perspective. Both the game, and in elements. Magically transporting their team to different divisions, leagues and pretending that the comments contain substance, as if they could actually do that.

Worst than all of that is the generation of “I know everything” that does not allow discussion or difference of opinion. New is bad. Change is bad.

None of that is love or understanding of the game. It is fast-food baseball with garbage in garbage out reality.

That is why you get the comments you do here.

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