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first off, i totally agree that this game sucked. but you guys are unreal. how long is mangini’s leash? are you kidding me? you guys are crazy. this season is not over. it’s football. you guys can write off this season the same way that Mets fans wrote off the possibility of the Phillies winning the NL East. but guess what, **** happens. the jets can definitely string some wins together. i know everyone wants to blame this on Chad, but this whole team right now needs to step up. sorry to say, but pennington is still the QB even though all of you armchair GM’s out there have him traded, cut or benched. he needs to step up, if he doesn’t he’s out. but that won’t happen unless the Jets are 1-5 or 1-6. this defense really needs to step up. one decent game doesn’t let them off the hook just like one bad game from Chad doesn’t put him on the bench. the oline needs to give chad a little more time and the RB’s a little bigger lane to run. nugent can’t, absolutely CAN NOT miss 37 yard field goals. he makes that and this post and these threads might not even be made. i’m putting much more of this loss on Nuge than anybody else. everyone is looking for reasons to blame Chad or Mangini. blame the whole team. Chad threw two picks with one putting the defense in the position to have to stop them. but they didn’t. if chad didn’t throw that pick, the bills don’t score 7 there. but what about the argument that if the jets D holds the bills to a field goal, the jets win the game. why does no one think that way. it’s so easy to blame one person. but each part of the team has the ability to put certain pressures on other parts of the team. in the game today that’s what happened and neither side stepped up.

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