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As you know I post a lot here. I just spent a ton of time reading the board and I am totally disgusted. I feel sick actually.

Chad haters. Chad supporters. Mangini defenders and those who question his ability. Baby Schott discussions — all being done in a civilized manner?

What the hell is going on? I saw another Jets board had to ban like 20 people in one thread the other day. WOW. The only people who really get banned here are the viagra spammers (after we copy the link of course).

Yet you guys REFUSE to break the rules and you decide to get along. Cmon. If I wanted this place “Classed Up” I would stop posting!

Hey seriously — a big thank you to the best Jets fans in the world. You guys have built this place and there is no turning back now. Thanks for your loyalty. We had this crazy theory, if you treated your members like adults, the same respect would be returned.

Thanks for proving us right. (And no need to add 100 links to this thread showing all the various example that I CHOSE to ignore, lol).

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