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And herein lies lies the problem with the new NFL fan.

The new fan is a guy who follows his “fantasy football guys”. People have been known to root for limited success of players of their favorite team, purely for their fantasy team’s sake.

We have people who are “Message Board Geniuses”, staking their Message Board GM abilities on the success (or failure) of any given football player.

You have people that root for losses at the end of the season, just so it increases their chances of their team drafting early, and they can draft Joe Bob Somebody from I Hate U
and fill out their draft card precisely.

Every fan comes to the table with a different team agenda. No longer is the final score, the final score. It has to be dissected into “I told you so” and “Boy were you wrong on that one”.

Team sport. Pfffft. Certainly not from a fan perspective anymore.

Wins and losses are based on reputation points and Chest thumping. I will top your avitar with a post from December 23rd 2003. See how smart I am.

I yearn for simplier times. Then again, I am a fool.

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