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-It is all about the team, please. It is awful to read the personal agendas about individual players get in the way of a very nice team performance. Check your GM and coaching hats at the home page this week, this week it is about the TEAM.

-The 2008 season has begun. Let’s consider this the preseason with an extended bye week to have FA acquisitions and a draft. Clean slate and time to see what we got.

-It is no mere coincidence that the same time the Jets exhibit an intermediate and deep passing game, that the running game springs to a little life. That was an O-line effort and Thomas Jones charged to the line.

-The way the Steelers were sitting on the intermediate seam routes and jumping them, if other teams are going to copy that defense, the Jets would do weel to add some pump fake, hitch and go routes. That will make them play a little more honest.

-Amazing when you scheme a little bit, how much better your defense can play. The Jets actually confused a good team on defense yesterday. Read that agian, the Jets actually confused a good team on defense yesterday. Some of this sacks were directly attributable to some nice secondary work.

-The spike play has become too much of an automatic sometimes. On the last drive of regulation, there was ZERO need to spike the ball inside of the 10. There was about 27 seconds on the clock. The Jets did npot need to waste a valuable down there. Call a play at the line and get your team together, don’t panic.

-How odd is it that with one game where the defense plays nicely, the Jets deem it worthy to gamble on 2 4th and intermediate plays in the opponents territory? This is not second guessing on my part, as I said before both of the calls. Why?

Earlier in the season, they don’t gamble on 4th and short plays, when the defense is horrific.

And the plays called on those 2 plays were low return plays. Christ, I would rather see a deep lob with teh chance for a reception, pass interference, or an INT is not even bad there.

Defense bailed coach out there.

-The need for a 3rd receiver on this team is huge and would help this QB out. Brad Smith is a nice athletic talent, but he is not a constant threat. McCareins is McCareins.

With Coles out, or if Cotchery should ever go out, the other receiver becomes totally coverable, and there are not many options left.

Bottome line, football was FUN to watch again. That says a lot.

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