Jets Report Card

New York Jets Week 12 Report Card

New York Jets Week 12 Report Card

Bengals @ Jets

Quarterback: C-

Sanchez: 16/28, 166, 1 TD, 1 INT

Sanchez struggled in the winds of the Meadowlands, throwing just one touchdown pass… and that was to a wide open Santonio Holmes in the endzone. Other than that he struggled, throwing a pick and almost throwing a second one that could have been taken to the house. He also had an inordinate amount of balls batted down at the line, and nearly took a safety.

Running backs: B+

Greene: 18/70/0
Tomlinson: 13/49/0
Brad Smith: 3/55/1

Tomlinson wasn’t quite as active in the passing game as usual, but solid enough when he got the chance to carry. Admittedly, Greene’s best carry for the game went for just 9 yards, but he was a solid and steady contributor and had a promising game. Look for his momentum to pick up, moving forward. Brad Smith’s tremendous 50 yards touchdown on an end around needs to be listed somewhere, so I’m going to throw it in with the running backs.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: C

Edwards: 2/20
Holmes: 5/44/1
Keller: 4/49

A very mediocre game out of the receiving corps, but with Sanchez struggling, they didn’t have many chances to make plays. They moved the chains when they had to, and Holmes did manage to break free for a touchdown.

Offensive Line: B+

Sanchez felt the pressure at times, but the line did a steady job of protecting him – especially with RT Damien Woody coming off an injury (he didn’t practice this week). The running game was effective if not explosive.

Defensive Line: A-

There were a few series of plays where Palmer was not pressured, but overall this unit looks to be improving. Most impressive of all? Limiting Cedric Benson to 2 yards per carry.

Linebackers: A-

The linebackers had two sacks and offered solid help in the run game so that’s enough to notch them an A, but again, let’s see some better pressure on the QB during blitzes. For once, their weakness in coverage was not evident.

Secondary: A

They notched two interceptions (Leonhard and Cromartie) and held Palmer to just 135 yards passing. The Revis/Cromartie combo is really coming into its own.

Special Teams: B+

Folk misses yet another field goal, and nearly an extra point as well. The coverage team allowed one of the largest returns they have given up all season. But Brad Smith makes everything right with an 89 yard kick off return for a touchdown.

Coaching: A-

Ryan’s squad didn’t get caught napping in what could have been a trap game, with the New England Patriots due up next. No challenge, timeout or clock management blunders. Halftime adjustments were highly effective, as the Jets came out fiery and ready to turn the tide. Now, the team will need to focus on playing more disciplined ball – and avoiding the costly penalties that have plagued them for weeks.

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