Jets Report Card

New York Jets Week 13 Report Card

New York Jets Week 13 Report  Card

Jets @ Patriots

AKA, a game which will live in infamy…

Quaterbacks: F

Mark Sanchez: 17/33, 0 TD, 3 INT

It wasn’t Sanchez’ worst game of the year, but still. True, he threw as many picks as he has in any game this year – but understand the situation, the game was out of control before it began and Mark had to force the ball down the field. Now, don’t get me wrong, his performance was indeed brutal: we witnessed the young QB missing his receivers in virtually every way imaginable: too high, too low, too far behind, too far in front and so on. Not to mention, he choked in the red zone in a situation that could have put the Jets down by just two scores, and back in this game with nearly 20 minutes to go.

Running Backs: D

L.T. 10/47

Greene: 13/64

The running backs looked good late game, but more than half of their carries came after the game was under wraps. Where were they when we needed to establish the run early on?

Offensive Line: D-

They needed to force the issue and establish the line of scrimmage for the ground game. Doing so would have slowed this game down – they failed.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: F

Santonio Holmes: 7/72

Braylon Edwards: 2/39

Jerricho Cotchery: 2/9

Dustin Keller: 3/27

The receiving group dropped a number of catchable balls. They failed to find the end zone all day, and apparently were unable to get open down field, since Sanchez was checking down all day.

Defensive Line: F

No pressure on Brady.

Linebackers: F

No pressure, no coverage.

Secondary: F

No coverage capability.

Special Teams: F

Our return game survived the loss of Leonhard, but Nick Folk can’t hit a long field goal and Steve Weatherford put together a Matt Dodge-esque punting performance: some of them barely netted double digits.

Coaching: F

The team could not have been any more unprepared than this. Schottenheimer’s offense always comes out sluggish off a layoff (Ravens, Packers, Patriots) and there’s no excuse for that. Ryan should not have trusted Folk to boot a 53 yarder and should have punted it away instead. Then again, given Steve Weatherford’s day, maybe it was worth a shot.

Let’s look at the bright side, Jets fans: given their performances off of extended rest, maybe it’s best this team enters as a wild card and doesn’t get a bye.

Expect the point spreads to show the Jets as an underdog in the playoffs, but that is normally when the team is a good pick.

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