Jets Report Card

New York Jets Week 17 Report Card

Week 17

Bills @ Jets

Quarterbacks: B

Mark Brunell: 6/12, 110 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT
Kellen clemens: 1/2, 6 yards, 1 TD (rushing)

Besides a pick six, the quarterbacks managed the game well today. Brunell threw 2 touchdowns and Kellen ran one in. They didn’t need to do much, but they did what they had to. We should feel confident in Brunell as a back up after this performance.

Running Backs: A+

Joe McKnight: 32/158
John conner: 8/44/1

The Bills porous run defense was just what the doctor ordered for struggling rookie Joe McKnight, who put up a dazzling 150 yards on the ground. It was a great performance and it might just convince the coaches to give him a few snaps next week. Fullback John Conner (a fellow rookie) also impressed, running with power.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: B

Santonio Holmes: 1/17/1
Braylon Edwards: 1/52/1
Jerricho Cotchery: 3/32

The wide receivers and tight ends didn’t have much of a chance to contribute, but they were there when called upon. The Jets top three receivers (in some ways, their ONLY three receivers) each contributed in one way or another: Braylon and Santonio both had a touchdown and Jerricho snagged several passes.

Offensive Line: A+

1 sack allowed, and the offensive line helped net a 5 yard per carry average on the ground, even with some starters in limited roles. Tremendous. Let’s hope this same offensive line shows up in the playoffs.

Defensive Line: A+

With Revis and Cromartie resting, the defense could not stack the line against the run. Fortunately, they didn’t need to: they surrendered just 37 net yards of rushing. Pass rush was wildly effective.

Linebackers: A+

A huge came for the linebackers. I am especially encouraged by the resurgence of Calvin Pace, who tallied a sack, an interception and several QB pressures. Taylor also put up a sack.

Secondary: A+

Another level of defense, another A+. Cole contributed 2 interceptions, returning 1 for a touchdown. Lowery also posted a pick and a nice runback. The Bills backup QBs were terribly ineffective all day.

Special Teams: B

Nick Folk was 1/1 on field goals, adding 5 extra points. Steve Weatherford has had an amazing season, and continued to shine today in the punting game. Kick and punt returns were mediocre.

The Smith: A-

Brad Smith: passing: 1/1, 3 yards, rushing: 5/60, receiving/kick returns: 0

Brad Smith was spectacular in “The Smith” position today, especially as far as carrying the ball is concerned. However, his lone pass only tallied 3 yards and he didn’t add a reception. He didn’t have a chance to return a kickoff today, mostly because he was too winded from running all over the Bills on offense.

Coaching: A+

Meaningless? Not necessarily. Rex’s backups came to play today, and successfully routed the Bills starters. Schottenheimer’s offense posted big figures for the second straight week. Perhaps most importantly, the coaching staff didn’t risk needless injuries.

Indy is up next in the wild card round.

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