Jets Report Card

New York Jets Week 10 Report Card

New York Jets Week 10 Report Card
New England Patriots @ New York Jets

Quarterback: F

Mark Sanchez: 20/39, 306, 1 TD, 2 INT

Sanchez struggled with his downfield vision, glued in on receivers all night, threw high and wild all night, couldn’t thread the needle and couldn’t sense pressure. He made a costly mistake by calling a timeout with 1:24 remaining in the 1st half instead of letting the play clock run down. That provided Brady just enough time to march down the field for a touchdown before halftime. Other than that, great game, Mark. The stat line is not indicative of how terrible he played.

Running Backs: C

Greene: 13/61/0, 2 catches, 14 yards
L.T.: 7/38/0, 2 catches, 22 yards

Jets got away from the run and it cost them. Greene and L.T. both had decent nights, but Greene’s tipped pass caused one of Sanchez’ turnover.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: C+

Holmes: 6/93/0
Kerley: 4/79/0
Burress: 3/39/1
Keller: 2/37/0
Turner: 1/22/0

If you can’t get wide open against a banged up secondary that was already struggling before they suffered so many injuries, there’s not much hope here. Plays were made at times, but not nearly as many as you would expect. Also, where was Dustin Keller all night? Mulligan is a walking turnstyle in pass protection.

Offensive Line: D

See above but replace “Mulligan” with “Hunter.” The running game was decent, but what in the world happened to the Jets pass protection here? Why was Sanchez feeling pressure against a 3 man rush?

Defensive Line: C

The defensive line did an adequate job of shutting down the run, but they clearly didn’t occupy enough blockers to obtain a decent pass rush against Brady.

Linebackers: D-

The pass rush was brutal. Maybin had multiple chances to sack Brady and failed to do so each time. The same can be said of Pace.

Secondary: D

A good first half for the most part, but even then there were way too many mental mistakes: a huge pass to Patriots WR Chad Ochocinco downfield and a costly facemask by Eric Smith. Once Brady switched into the no huddle, it was lights out for the Jets defense. Multiple dropped interceptions.

Special Teams: F

Joe McKnight may be the top kick returner in the league, but he was atrocious in week 10. A fumble on a kick return cost them points, and several Jets had opportunities to cover that ball but failed to do so. A missed chip shot field goal by Nick Folk stung as well.

Coaching: F

The Jets were totally unprepared to play this game. Nothing more need be said.

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