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New York Jets Report Card Week 13

Week 13

New York Jets @ Washington Redskins

Quarterback: B-

Sanchez: 19/32, 165, 1 TD, 0 INT

It was never pretty, but with a little luck, Sanchez avoided making any big mistakes against a potent defense. The 4th quarter magic is nothing new for Mark, but it was great to see him get off to a hot start for once. He was 8/9 in the early goings and drove the team down-field for a touchdown after the defense allowed the Skins to score on their first possession. Many of the usual problems apply here again (consistency, lack of the big play, etc.) but a mistake-free game is a step forward for now.

Running Backs: B

Greene: 22/88/3, 3 receptions, 26 yards
Tomlinson: 1/5/0, 1 reception, 16 yards
Conner: 2/2/0

Rarely has Greene had so many touches in a single game. The ground game was sluggish throughout the first half, but Greene did find the endzone 3 times… more than doubling his season touchdown total. Conner fought for a couple tough yards on two ocassions, and both Greene and Tomlinson made clutch catches to convert for first downs.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: C-

Holmes: 4/58/1
Burress: 3/33/0
Keller: 3/12/0
Kerley: 1/7/0
Turner: 1/6/0
Mulligan: 1/5/0

A relatively quiet week for the wide receivers and tight ends against a stacked secondary. Holmes’ move to break open for a 2nd half touchdown was a thing of beauty. After a brilliant game against Buffalo, Keller was missing in action. Mulligan continues to commit far too many penalties, and nearly got into a brawl with a member of the coaching staff on the sidelines.

Offensive Line: A-

The offensive line did not allow a sack for the 2nd straight week. The pass protection was there most of the day, though the passing game never quite followed suit. Run blocking improved as the game went on, but the Jets didn’t have much change of pace in the running game as Tomlinson left early with an injury and took only a few snaps thereafter.

Defensive Line: C

Wilkerson frequently caused disruption, but the defensive line still needs a lot of help to generate pressure on the quarterback. Ellis had a quiet day starting for DeVito, who sat with an injury. Dixon had another solid day in the defensive line rotation, forcing a fumble on one ocassion.

Linebackers: B+

Redskins running back Roy Helu ran for 23/100/1, so it’s not immediately apparent that the linebackers had a good day, but they did… especially after the first Redskins scoring drive. Between Scott deflecting a crucial 3rd and 1 pass, Maybin notching another sack and forced fumble and Pace and Harris being active in the backfield, all the linebackers helps contribute on game-changing plays.

Secondary: B

Redskins QB Grossman threw for 221 yards, but his completion percentage was below 50% and he posted no touchdowns and 2 turnovers (fumble, interception). Fred Davis is a force to be reckoned with at tight end, and it’s surely no surprise at this point that he made the secondary pay at times. Still, the rest of the Skins receivers and tight ends were rarely heard from. Kyle Wilson pulled down an interception in garbage time.

Special Teams: D-

Folk missed from 40 but hit from 51. Conley was solid in the punting game.

At the end of the 2nd half, Kerley cost the Jets 3 by dropping a punt. The point swing easily could have been 10 there (-3 presuming the Jets could get in field goal range, +7 presuming the Skins scored a touchdown.)

I’m fond of Kerley, but with the Jets leading the NFL in special teams turnovers, it’s time to consider Leonhard as a long-term solution on punt returns.

Coaching: C+

The Jets burned multiple timeouts to avoid delay of game calls, and that could have been costly if this game stayed close. Part of the blame there must fall on the staff, as they should communicate the play call well in advance.

Ryan was 2/2 on challenges – both of which occurred at key moments in the game.

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