Jets Report Card

New York Jets Report Card

Week 15: Jets @ Eagles

Quarterback: D+

Sanchez: 15/26, 150 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, 1 fumble lost
Brunell: 1/3, 27 yards

Oh, it was bad. But it wasn’t quite as bad as it looks. See below.

Running backs: C

Greene: 18/73/0, 1 reception, 0 yards
Tomlinson: 3/9/0, 4 receptions, 12 yards
McKnight: 3/2/0, 1 reception, 27 yards

Greene had a decent day on the ground. He started out hot, and, in the alternative universe where the Jets actually win this game, it’s because they kept going to Greene and didn’t commit any turnovers. For once, though, the running backs were absent in the passing game. Give Philadelphia some credit for sniffing out those halfback screens that the Jets used with great success against Kansas City.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: F

Keller: 3/73/0
Holmes: 4/40/1
Kerley: 2/16/0
Burress: 1/9/1

Holmes was involved in three turnovers – and that alone is enough for this group to take a failing grade. The first two were clearly his fault: a fumble after a reception, and a missed catch that sailed right into the arms of Philadelphia. The third was iffy, Sanchez tried to hit a tight window and Holmes deflected the pass for another interception. Buress made a nice touchdown grab, Keller racked up some yards and Kerley made a 3rd down conversion or two, but it was far too little, far too late.

Offensive Line: D

As expected, the Jets were able to run the ball with some degree of efficiency against the Eagles, but pass protection is downright woeful. The Jets will look to replace RT Wayne Hunter with someone other than RT Vladimir Ducasse in the draft. As far as Sanchez’ agents are concerned, the draft can’t come soon enough.

Defensive Line: D

They did an adequate job against the run, but there was simply not enough pressure on Vick and when they did get pressure, they failed to close. Eagles RB McCoy finished with 3 touchdowns, but mostly on a short field with the defense exhausted because of the imbalance in time of possession.

Linebackers: F

It’s stunning how fast Eagles QB Michael Vick is. If you don’t believe me, ask the Jets linebackers who will still be chasing him tomorrow morning.

Secondary: D

Admittedly, the Eagles are packed to the brim with weapons on offense. But without major breakdowns in coverage, Vick wouldn’t have amassed anywhere near the 274 yards through the air that he finished with. Of course, it would help the secondary if the linebackers could actually finish the tackle on Vick.

Special Teams: A

Antonio Cromartie had a nice kickoff return to begin the 3rd quarter, but the Jets couldn’t convert. Folk made two field goals. The kick coverage team forced two turnovers.

Coaching: F

The Jets made far too many mental mistakes against Philadelphia. The coaching staff threw in the towel with 9 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter by kicking deep instead of attempting the onsides kick. Halftime adjustments were ineffective to say the least.

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