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Jets Passing Offense Film Review – Week 4 (Seahawks) Sidekick Power


The Jets feature plenty of weapons, which could be one of the finest groups in the NFL (sans the QB), so there are always instances where the players made the play for the QB.  Let’s examine which players stepped up to help out their QB:

Sidekick Power:

1) week-4-fitzpatrick-helped-out

This is a 3rd and 13 play near midfield, and Seattle has gone to zone coverage on this play.  As mentioned in the other articles, they are essentially taking the intermediate routes away, forcing the Jets to check down.  While this play goes as a positive for Ryan Fitzpatrick in the stats, it plays right into what the defense wanted him to do.  Powell makes a quick grab and runs towards the first down marker, but gets tackled well short.  The big failure on this play is from Brandon Marshall, who misses the block (and blocks downfield) allowing the defender to close in on Powell.  While this was a positive play, the defense dictated the pass and it’s Bilal Powell who made one man miss in trying to get the extra yardage, but couldn’t get the blocking to accomplish the task.

2)  week-4-fitzpatrick-helped-out-2

The defense is again trying to get the Jets to check down and again Bilal Powell comes to the rescue.  He takes a simple screen pass and runs down the field to get 18 yards, which was big considering the Jets had trouble moving the ball down the field in this game.  Powell shows off good speed and gains major yards after the catch.  The defense was willing to give up the short yards, so the pass from Fitzpatrick isn’t anything to write home about, but Powell makes a good run.

3) week-4-fitzpatrick-helped-out-3

This might have to be re-named Bilal Powell’s pass catches, because he shows up again on the same route.  The pre-snap motion indicates that this is zone coverage on a 3rd and 10 play at the end of the half preceding the touchdown pass.  There is about thirty seconds left in the game, so Seattle is willing to let the middle of the field be open for passes, and do not have a spy on Powell.   Not only is this a good catch and run, but Powell had the situational awareness to run out of bounds to save a time out, after he got the first down.  It’s a good read by Fitzpatrick, taking what the defense is giving you, but most of the work is done by Powell on this play.

4) week-4-fitzpatrick-helped-out-4

This is a second down and ten play late in the 4th quarter, and Ryan Fitzpatrick finds Charone Peake for a pass completion.  Peake makes the initial defender miss and turns up field for nine yards.  This is a simple out route that should have been stopped for about a two yard gain, but Peake shows good open field ability in this case to make a defender miss and turn up field.  Peake isn’t the best open field runner because he lacks explosive moves, but he can certain change directions well, and should get better under the tutelage of Brandon Marshall.  This is a good throw by Fitzpatrick, and a great run by Peake.

5)  week-4-fitzpatrick-helped-out-5

This play was impossible to classify.  Does it go under a terrible play by Fitzpatrick with the fumble, or does this go under a great play by Peake?  You know the answer as to where it ended up, but it is one of the more bizarre plays that you will see this season.  Fitzpatrick gets hit as he’s winding up to throw, and the ball bounces forward, which makes everyone except Charone Peake and the LB across from him think that it’s a forward pass.  Peake shows great awareness in not only picking up the ball, but running down the field.  It’s just a great play by the young receiver.


Bilal Powell definitely helped out Ryan Fitzpatrick this week (although he did have that big drop) as well as Charone Peake.  While the Jets were undermanned, they showed that the backups do have talent, and could be dangerous if given the opportunity.

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Forum Questions:

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