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Jets Passing Offense Film Review – Week 6 (Cardinals) – Fitzmagic


The Jets lost another game this past weekend, losing to the Arizona Cardinals, putting forth a lackluster effort.  Ryan Fitzpatrick was not good again, and was eventually benched in the fourth quarters for Geno Smith.  We will examine the passing offense, dissecting the good and bad aspects of the passing game.   Let’s start with the good, and see how Ryan Fitzpatrick excelled:


1) week-6-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic

The defense comes out in a single high safety look, and the pre-snap movement indicates that this is zone coverage.  Fitzpatrick correctly reads that this is a zone defense, and locks in on Brandon Marshall.  This is a very good read because Fitzpatrick knows the route tree on this play, knowing that Robby Anderson would carry the safety deep.  Fitzpatrick makes a good throw, and Brandon Marshall runs a good route.

2) week-6-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-2

This is the second good pass of the game for the Jets and it’s in the second quarter.  The defense is again in single high safety on a first and five play, as the Cardinals are expecting a run on this play.  This play is mainly made by Marshall because this is an excellent route by Brandon Marshall.  He goes right at Patrick Peterson which doesn’t allow Peterson enough time to react to the route.  Had Marshall gone into the slant route before running up on Peterson, he would have had an easier time to recover.  The only other aspect of this play that is noteworthy, notice the safety being held by Robby Anderson, which helps hold the safety.  While speed may not lead to direct results, speed has an adverse effect on the defense, opening up underneath routes, which was the case for Marshall here.  Ryan Fitzpatrick makes a good throw here, and the Jets gain a large chunk of yards.

3) week-6-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-3

The defense is in a single high safety again, and the Jets come out with four receiving options.  The initial read seems to be a rub route to Quincy Enunwa, but he makes an awful attempt at blocking and falls down on the play.  This throws the entire play into chaos, and Fitzpatrick makes a good pump fake and completes a pass to Anderson for positive yard.  While this is not a big play in the grand scheme of the drive, this is very good improvisation by Fitzpatrick because it looks like his initial read fell down on this play.  Good play by Anderson to come back for the ball as well.

4) week-6-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-4

The defense comes out again in a single high safety look, and the Jets counter with four receivers and a RB coming out of the backfield.  The pre-snap read on this indicates man coverage, and Anderson has tight man coverage to the left of the formation.  The correct read on this play is to the right side of the play, and Fitzpatrick makes the right side.  There are three receivers to the right and two of the defenders are far off the field, so there is a better chance of having an open player on the side.  Charone Peake runs a good route, and Ryan Fitzpatrick makes a good throw to complete the pass.

5) week-6-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-5

Have you read this before?  The defense is in a single high safety look while the Jets counter with four receivers and a running back out of the backfield.  The pre-snap read here is a mirror effect of the last play, and Fitzpatrick makes the right read again.  The defender on Charone Peake is playing off the line and he runs a good route to get open.  Fitzpatrick finds Peake for the completion on this pass.

6) week-6-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-6

The defense is in a two deep safety look, and the Jets counter with a five receiver look.  Fitzpatrick finds a crease in the pocket, steps up and finds Enunwa running the crossing route.  The initial read on this play seems to be Robby Anderson, but Tyrann Mathieu is in the area and Fitzpatrick decides to go away from the area.  Anderson is open on the play, but this is the type of respect that Mathieu garners because he’s very good at breaking on passes.  Fitzpatrick does a good job to find Enunwa on this play.

7) week-6-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-7

The defense goes back to a single high safety look, with the Jets countering with four receivers.  This is a good play to look at pre-snap reads.  The Jets have stacked receivers at both ends of the formation, and two of the defenders (one on each end) are far off the line.  The two players that eventually become open are the ones that did not have defenders at the line.  Charone Peake runs a good route and Fitzpatrick finds him again and makes a good throw.

8) week-6-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-8

The defense is again in single high safety look, and the pre-snap read indicates that the play is easier on the right side of the formation.  However, Fitzpatrick locks in on Anderson and makes a throw to him even though he’s covered.  This play almost ended up in the Side Kick Power section of the film review because Anderson makes a great catch.  He high points the ball and maintains the catch through the tackle.   Fitzpatrick makes a good throw, but this is mainly Anderson’s play.

9) week-6-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-9

Arizona comes with a two safety look and the Jets take advantage with a good pass to Jalin Marshall.  This is a good route by Jalin Marshall as he fakes an outside route and runs inside to create separation.  Fitzpatrick stands tall in the pocket and finds Marshall for the completion.

10) week-6-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-10

 The Jets come out with five receivers and Fitzpatrick finds Quincy Enunwa for the completion here.  Notice the closing speed of Mathieu on this play as he almost makes the play on this pass, and makes a great tackle.  The Cardinals blitzed on this play, but it was picked up, so this should have been an easy pass to Enunwa.  However, Mathieu makes a great read on this play and makes a great tackle.  It’s a good throw and catch by Fitzpatrick and Enunwa.


Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t have a great game, but he did have some good throws against a tough defense.  He is now benched for Geno Smith, so this might be the last Fitzmagic article of the year, as it will be replaced by Geno Smith articles.

Forum Questions:

A)  What would be a good name for articles with Geno Smith’s good throws similar to Fitzmagic?

B) What do you feel about Charone Peake?

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