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Jets Passing Offense Film Review – Week 7 (Ravens) Fitzmagic


The Jets won a game for the first time since Week 2, with Ryan Fitzpatrick coming in to relieve Geno Smith after he got injured in the second quarter.  Fitzpatrick looked better than in the past weeks, although the defense played great for the Jets and the offense went into a conservative mode in the second half.  Let’s see how he did this week:


1) week-7-ryan-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic

The defense is in a single high safety, and the pre-snap movement indicates zone coverage.  The movement is important because it creates a mismatch in numbers for the Jets by having three receivers on the left side of the formation, allowing a free release for Charone Peake.  Ryan Fitzpatrick does a good job of recognizing the movement, and hits Charone Peake for a first down.  It’s a good effort by Peake to break the tackle and go down the field.  This is a good pre-snap read and throw by Fitzpatrick.

2) week-7-ryan-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-2

The defense is actually in 2 deep safety look here, but the Jets counter with two receivers and a RB out of the backfield.  Fitz is locked in on Brandon Marshall from the start of the play, and it pays off with the pass down the field.  The Ravens are trying to bottle the play to the RB out of the backfield, but Fitzpatrick makes a very good throw here to Marshall.   This is a good defense by the Ravens so Fitzpatrick does a good job in dissecting the defense, even though he’s locked into Marshall from the start.

3) week-7-ryan-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-3

This play is here to show the advantage of two deep safeties for the Jets because this is as simple a pass as you can get.  You will see more single high safeties with Fitzpatrick at the helm, but this is one of the biggest reasons why.   When the defense is spread out, and also protecting deep passes with two safeties, they are extremely vulnerable to these types of passes.  Fitzpatrick does a good job of recognizing the defense and doing a quick complete pass to Marshall.   While Chan Gailey is not well liked by some Jet fans, he does do a good job of scheming guys open and give QBs easy reads.

4) week-7-ryan-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-4

The defense is in a single high safety, and this is a disaster waiting to happen.  The Ravens are bringing a late blitz and the Jets aren’t in position to defend it at all.  Fitzpatrick does a good job of recognizing the blitz, and makes a good quick throw to Robby Anderson for a quick pass and a small gain.  This is not a grand play in terms of yardage, and the throw isn’t special, but this is excellent recognition of the blitz by Fitzpatrick and quick throw to avoid the sack.   This is another good pre-snap read situation, as you can see that the defender on Robby Anderson is further back from the line of scrimmage, so there is more chance of a completion here.

5) week-7-ryan-fitzpatrick-fitzmagic-5

The last play of our breakdown in this particular article, and Fitzpatrick makes a very good throw to Robby Anderson.  The defense is in single high safety, and Fitzpatrick is locked in on Robby Anderson from the start.  The Ravens fake a blitz on this play, allowing ample time for this route to develop and Fitzpatrick takes advantage.  This is a great throw and catch by Fitzpatrick and Anderson, and reminiscent of the throws Fitzpatrick made in the Bills game.


Fitzpatrick made some good throws in the game, even though the game was played conservatively by the offense.  The defense played great, so the offense didn’t have to do much.  Fitzpatrick definitely played better than he did in the past few games, and the running game helped out as well.

Forum Questions:

A) Do you feel like Fitzpatrick will improve?

B)  How soon do you want to see Petty/Hackenberg?


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