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Jets Passing Offense Film Review – Week 8 (Browns) – Sidekick Power

While the Jets won the game against the Browns, Ryan Fitzpatrick played a mediocre game.  However, it wasn’t without some heroics from his assistants, so let’s take a look at those plays.

Sidekick Power:

1) week-8-fitzpatrick-helped-out-1

On this play, the Browns come out with a single high safety look, and the pre-snap read is to the right of the formation.  Brandon Marshall is lined up in the slot, closest to the line of scrimmage with Quincy Enunwa next to him.  You will notice the CB on the far right of the formation is also playing back from the receiver.  This should indicate a high probability that someone from the right side is going to be open, and Fitzpatrick reads it correctly. In fact, all three of them are open on this play, with Marshall getting open on the crossing route, Enunwa open on the go route, and the third receiver also open on a curl route.  This is a great call by Gailey, and good play recognition by Fitzpatrick, but it almost goes for naught because Fitzpatrick makes a bad throw, behind his intended receiver.  Brandon Marshall makes a great play here by spinning around for the ball and catching the pass behind it.  It’s a great effort and show of skill by Marshall, as he’s sprinting in one direction, but still has the ability to spin and catch the ball behind him.  If this pass goes for an incomplete pass, it would have been horrendous.

2) week-8-fitzpatrick-helped-out-2

This is the Quincy Enunwa TD, where he makes half the defense miss a tackle on him for the TD.  This is essentially the carbon copy of the last play in the red zone, with the Browns caught in the same type of defense, and again the pre-snap read has to look towards the right of the formation.  You can argue that the three receivers are again open on this play.  On this play, Enunwa is closest to the line of scrimmage, and he runs across the middle and Fitzpatrick hits him with the pass.   This is just a great run by Enunwa, which shows his improvement from the past in the open field.  In prior years, he was more likely to try and run over defenders instead of making moves in the open field.  The step back move on the second defender is an absolute beauty of a move.

3) week-8-fitzpatrick-helped-out-3

A screen pass that almost goes for a TD.  The Browns are in a single high safety look, and the Jets call a screen pass which Fitzpatrick throws sideways, but accomplishes the goal.  The majority of work done on this play is done by Matt Forte, who works through the defense to get near the end zone.  It’s a bit disappointing he did not score on this pass because he had free space to the left side of the formation in the open field, but goes right and gets tripped up.


The Jets offense looked better than weeks past, but they also played a much weaker opponent in the Browns, who have a dismal passing defense.  However, Ryan Fitzpatrick did get some help from his guys, especially the TD to Enunwa.

Forum Questions:

A)  Has Enunwa advanced enough for you to consider him a No. 2 WR in the future?

B)  If you are working a contract extension for him, what is your starting/ending (ie walkaway) point in negotiations?


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