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Jets Passing Offense Film Review – Week 10 (Rams) Petty Nation


Bryce Petty made his debut for the Jets this past weekend against the Los Angeles Rams, albeit the Jets lost a defensive minded game 9-6.  Let’s examine how Petty did in his first game:

Petty Nation:

1) week-10-petty-good-petty-1

This is a 3rd down and 9 play in the first quarter, and the Rams are in a single high safety look.   The pre-snap read shows the defender on Robby Anderson playing well off the ball and Petty recognizes it at the line of scrimmage.   He makes a good throw on this ball, but it ends up going short of the first down because Anderson essentially got pushed back down the field.  It was initially ruled a first down, but later changed upon review.  This is a very good read and throw by Petty, showing very good arm strength.  He’s on the other end of the hash mark, so this is not only a throw for a come back, it’s being done from across the field.  He also stands tall in the pocket, as the Rams were blitzing on this play, so he definitely takes a hit just after he throws this pass.

2) week-10-petty-good-petty-2

The first deep pass of Petty’s career, and it’s a good pass.  It’s not amazingly great because it is a bit under-thrown, but the trajectory on this throw is great.  The Rams are in a single high safety look, fully expecting the run with the Jets backed into their own end zone.  Robby Anderson runs right by his defender and gains a step on his defender and Petty finds him for the deep pass.  The trajectory of this throw is what makes this throw because he dropped the ball in over the head of the defender, which is very important when the defender has inside position.  Anderson didn’t have to go through the defender to catch the pass, which would have been the case had the ball been more of a line drive throw, which made it easier for him.  While Petty has his share of flaws in his game, his ability with deep passes is one of his best traits.

3) week-10-petty-good-petty-3

This is a 3rd and 3 play, and the Rams show up again in a single high safety look.  The design of this play is a great call by Chan Gailey, because the Rams are caught in man coverage.  Brandon Marshall is lined up to the left of the formation, but goes in motion.  He ends up lining up in the slot, right before the ball is snapped.  This is very important, because it doesn’t allow the Rams time to communicate a change in defensive assignments.  Notice Quincy Enunwa on this play, and the angle he takes on this play.  He runs a bit inside as he’s running up the field, which all but forces the defender on Marshall to run around the other Rams player.  If the defender on Marshall had tried to run a more straight line towards Marshall, he would have been blocked off by his own player and Enunwa, which would have led to a bigger play for Marshall.  Petty shows good timing with the play, executing the quick pass and throwing a good pass to Marshall.  This isn’t an amazing play by any means, but it’s shown because of the shrewd play calling and route combination here by Chan Gailey.

4) week-10-petty-good-petty-4

This is a 3rd and 6 play in the second quarter, and the Rams adjust with a two deep safety look.   The defenders are playing off from the receivers, so this is a very good pre-snap read by Petty.  One of the biggest concerns with Petty was his ability (or possible lack of ability) in reading defenses, but he makes a very good read here.  On this play, the read is the outside defender, who ends up tackling Enunwa in the end.  If the defender is aggressive on Enunwa, then it’s a deeper pass to Robby Anderson (as the route is designed to go away from the deep safety).  However, the defender didn’t commit right away to Enunwa, therefore Petty took the easier throw and converted the first down.

5) week-10-petty-good-petty-5

This is one of the those rare passes on first down this past Sunday, and the Rams were in a two deep safety look as well.  The defenders are all playing off the receivers, so Petty has his pick of guys to pick from.  The read on this play is from left to right because the running back is to Petty’s left.  So while acting out the play action he is already turned towards Robby Anderson, and then move on if he’s covered.  In this case, Anderson wasn’t well covered, so Petty hits him for a quick strike.  It’s a good throw to Anderson, who makes a great move on the defender to gain more yards up the field.

6) week-10-petty-good-petty-6

This is a 2nd and 6 play, with the Rams back in a single high safety look, which doesn’t count because there was a holding penalty on the Jets.  This is late in the second quarter, and a great throw by Petty on this play after a low snap.  The Jets need receivers to get out of bounds, but also convert the first down.  Petty throws a bullet from the other side of the hash mark, and finds Charone Peake running to the sidelines for a first down as he goes out of bounds.  The pre-snap read shows that the right side of the formation had the best chance of having an open receiver, and Petty makes the correct read.  There are two possible options on this play, Peake and Anderson, but Petty makes the optimal throw because they also need to conserve time outs.

7) week-10-petty-good-petty-7

This is a 3rd and 2 play in the second quarter with fifteen seconds left in the quarter.  While the Jets needed to move downfield, they also needed to convert the first down here and Petty makes a good throw.  One of the better traits of Petty is his ability to throw quick passes with good accuracy, one of the better things to come out of the Baylor spread system, which emphasizes quick passes.  This is a good play by Petty and Brandon Marshall, who also runs out of bounds to preserve time.  It’s a good conversion by the Jets, but this is mainly to highlight the quick trigger pass from Petty, and again shows good field awareness given the time of the quarter.

8) week-10-petty-good-petty-8

A 2nd and 11 play, and the Jets have a small gain on this play.  This one is here to highlight Petty making the right read on this play.  There is pre-snap motion on this play, however the defense didn’t adjust, but it was negated since the receiver ended up in his initial place as well.  At the same time, the defender on Peake moves back near the snap, which is noticed by Petty.  Most times, this is absolutely a great read because in man coverage with only one safety, the defender would be backing off from Peake.  However, the defender sees the quick pass from Petty and makes a great tackle on Peake in the open field.  This is absolutely a great read by Petty because he recognizes the coverage change late in snap count and make a great throw.  However, Peake couldn’t break the tackle here, which limited this play.  If Peake breaks this tackle, this is a big gain, but that is being optimistic.

9) week-10-petty-good-petty-9

On this play, the Rams are in a single high safety look with man coverage across the board.  Petty stands tall in the pocket, and makes a good pass to Powell.   The read on this play is the middle linebacker, and if he’s going to aggressively cover Powell, then there is a passing lane to Enunwa.  However, the defender lays back near Enunwa, which means there is a clear path to Powell.  This is a good read by Petty who reads the linebacker and makes the good throw.

10) week-10-petty-good-petty-10

On this play, the Rams are in a single high safety look and they play off the defenders.  This is a good read by Petty again, as he takes the safe option with Powell.   There are three receivers to the left of the formation, and Petty looks towards them from the start of this play.  This is another single read play, with the read being the middle linebacker.  If the linebacker goes towards Powell, then there is a throwing lane to Enunwa.  If the linebacker stays back, as he does in this case, the throw is open to Powell.  It’s another good read by Petty, and it’s a nice throw.  The other thing to notice on this play is Robby Anderson running down the field.  While it happened too late into the play, since Petty had to commit to a pass by then, Anderson runs right by his defender who happened to fall down.

11) week-10-petty-good-petty-11

Another play that is mostly here to highlight the play set up on this play, and good read.  There is pre-snap movement with Robby Anderson, which ends up moving two defenders  Once the defenders are moved, there is a clear path for Bilal Powell, and Petty makes a good pass.   Notice Quincy Enunwa on this play, he is running a pick play, but he is too far ahead of the play so the pick doesn’t work.   The play almost works too well for the Jets as the Rams were too far to the left of the formation, so the pick play doesn’t work here.  This is a great play design by the Jets, and a good read by Petty.  Unfortunately, the pick aspect doesn’t work, which limits the success of this play.

12) week-10-petty-good-petty-12

Have you seen this play before?  Far hash mark, Peake running the out route, and a good completion?  The Rams are playing back on this play, and the Jets take advantage again with the easy pass.  This is another good pass from Bryce Petty, albeit the Jets seemed to go with the conservative pass more often than not.  It’s just another example of the arm strength by Petty.


This was an OK debut by Bryce Petty.  As you could see from this aspect of the Film Review, Petty did make some good reads and throws.  The Jets didn’t push the envelope in this game, which ended up biting them in the foot.  There were some really good reads and throws by Petty, which was good for his first game against a good defense.

Please check back for the other parts of our Passing Offense Film Review.

Forum Questions:

A)  What impressed you the most about Petty?

B) Why do you think Brandon Marshall wasn’t a big part of the game?

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I write film reviews for the Tennessee Titans as well as here on JetNation. I'm a realtor in Nashville as my day job (So if you are ever looking to move to the Music City - let me know), but I like to break down film as a hobby. My Titans Website:


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