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Preview – North

Our NFL preview continues with a breakdown of the NFL’s North Divisions. In the NFC the Vikings are looking for a rejuvenation of the purple-people eaters while Favre wants one more shot at the big game. In the AFC, the Ravens are ready to dethrone Pittsburgh. NFC North Division Rank: 5th Last Season: Green Bay [...]

Rigs’ Intriguing Rookie Cuts: Future Jets?

1) Ben Emmanuel--safety, UCLA (5th round Carolina) A lot draft sites had this player real high last spring because of his great "computer numbers", but we didn't like him at DD as much because he his stats seemed to slip every season at UCLA--a real bad sign. Nonetheless, has better size and speed than current [...]

The Sixty Four Million Dollar Question

by JetMoses JetNation Columnist There are quite a few things you can buy with $64 million dollars. You can buy ten Lear jets; For $30 million you can buy a mansion on 14.6 acres of waterfront property in the Hamptons (with $64 million you can buy two mansions, and keep the change); At just under [...]

Matt Bitonti's 2005 NYJ Season Preview

by Matt Bitonti “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.� - Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC) So here we are fellow Jets fans at the start of a new year, a year filled with great hope and even greater hype. We have new coordinators, [...]

Madden 2006: The Review

by rsherryjr JetNation Columnist For the 12th consecutive year I went out and purchased the EA Sports Madden football on the day it came out. And for the 12th consecutive year I’m frustrated at getting used to the new tricks that the staff at EA Sports put into the game. Madden 2005 was a defense-oriented [...]

It's Law or Nothing for the Jets Defense

by Tom Shane JetNation Editor The last time the Jets signed a Hall of Fame defensive back, his name was Ronnie Lott. He came to the Jets to provide veteran leadership, share his unparalleled football savvy and to instill the championship demeanor he forged in the course of shaping a dynasty into a young Jets [...]

Picking The…Losers for the '05 season.

by Rob Donigian JetNation Columnist Every year sports analysts, fans, and everyone from Joe Blow to Jow Blow's mom attempts to predict which teams will win each division. Just like there are darkhorse teams, there are teams that go from living on Cloud Nine one season to eating dirt the next. So with that in [...]

Is The Pats Championship Run Over?

by Frank Barone JetNation columnist The Patriots start the 2005 season with more questions than at any other time under the Belichick regime. One of these questions are coaching concerns and some are personnel, but are any of these concerns really enough to to stop the Patriots from getting back to the Super Bowl this [...]