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Steroids, Sports, and the Fan: Who Cares?

by Tom Shane Managing Editor So they caught Alex Sanchez and 38 minor-leaguers dropping steroids chasing a Major League paycheck and what we got was Bud Selig beating his chest like he'd just wiped the baseball landscape clean of all of its impurities and all of its evils. Congress bought it like it was going [...]

Jon McGraw/Erik Coleman: Free Safety Superheroes?

by Rob Royal Contributing Columnist Jon McGraw will be defined as a talent that was never fully seen or never fully existed. It’s been pain-staking seeing him toil around the field with no accolade directed towards his football prowess other than, “He’s the next John Lynch.� To his credit, McGraw has shown some brief flashes [...]

Tedy Bruschi, Football Player

by RichardSeymour Contributing Columnist Tedy Bruschi in action against the Jets There’s a banner in Gillette stadium with Tedy Bruschi’s number on it and the slogan “Full Tilt, Full Time.� Normally signs like that are hyperbole or chest thumping. This one was always just a fact. Tedy Bruschi played with abandon, selling himself out on [...]

AL Central Preview: Anybody's Guess

by Mavrik Contributing Columnist In the age of exploding payrolls and spending wars between a few select baseball teams, no division in major league baseball represents the ideas of parity and "small marketness" more than the American League Central division. The division features 5 teams whose payrolls not only are no larger than $70 million, [...]

2005 New York Yankees : C’ya in October

by Shawn306 Guest Columnist The question facing the 2005 New York Yankees is not will the make the playoffs but will they vanquish the demons from last years historic collapse in the ALCS against Boston and once again represent the American League in the World Series. Here is a look at the good, the bad [...]

AL East Preview: King Kong vs. Godzilla?

by Tom Shane Content Editor The AL East is everything that is right and wrong about baseball. It's right because Yanks-Red Sox is the best rivalry in sports....ever. They are two teams that push the rest of the league--or those who care about winning--to improve their rosters and their front office philosophies in order to [...]