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JN Thoughts On "Main Stream Media"

In our forums right now there are two hot topics being discussed pertaining to the main stream media.  Are journalists biased and do they let that impact what they write? Message board poster flgreen brings up an excellent point about writers taking credit for scoops.  What happens when the scoop is wrong?  Does that actually [...]

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day JetNation would like to thank all the veterans who have served this great country. To those that have given their life in defense of our freedom, we are eternally grateful.  The liberties and freedom that we enjoy are because of your brave and selfless efforts.  You are not forgotten. Thank you [...]

Tyson Rauch Interviews Calvin Pace

Our friend Tyson Rauch recently sat down for an interview with NY Jets linebacker Calvin Pace. Tyson covers the Jets for Calvin Pace will be a force in 2009 ( Calvin Pace is a versatile linebacker that will play a major role in Rex Ryan’s new attacking style of defense. Recently the Jets [...]

Wrong Players or Wrong System

Over the past few years, Jets fans have debated Eric Mangini's 3-4 defense.  In the years before Kris Jenkins arrived it seemed like this was defense was impossible to run.  Early in Mangini's tenure they played an agressive style and blitzed often.  Last year with Jenkins they seemed to get more conservative.  The blitzes didn't [...]

Sunday Morning News

Here is a brief recap of what is going on around the NFL on this fine (rainy in NJ) Sunday morning. James Harrison says no thanks to a White House visit. The NY Post talks about how three ex-Ravens are helping get the Jets ready. This one is a couple of days old but Cimini [...]

Final adjustment increases salary cap

Here is an article from about the salary cap for 2009. NEW YORK -- NFL teams will have nearly $12 million more under the salary cap this season, the final year with one in place unless the league and its players' union can reach a new collective bargaining agreement. The cap was due to [...] On The Web

We know you see other sites.  You can be honest with us.  So much in fact that we condone it.   If you belong to any of those sites (you know you do) please join our groups.  We promise we will try not to embarrass you.  Sure we have embarrassed you before and you have no [...]

Garbage Rumor Dept: Jets Want Pacman

The garbage rumor department gets a lot of volume these days.   NFL Fanhouse says that the Jets are interested in Pacman Jones; the poster child for Roger Goodell's how not to behave marketing campaign.  With details like this it must be true: The Jets have expressed interest, according to someone close to Jones, but are [...]