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Best Seats Available; By Section

By RowOneJetFan This is for people who have NOT bought seats, PSL or NON-PSL UD in new stadium. Trying to figure out what your strategy is. Buy stubhub, off fan sites, or hope for bigger better PSL or UD deals or hang out for deals like last year when they did half season ticket packages [...]

Jets Face Financial Challenges

By Tyson Rauch Lost amongst the excitement of the New York Jets treating the off-season like a fantasy football team is the fact that the organization is set to face a variety of financial challenges.  The challenges vary in nature and can be broken down into two groups:  Player contracts and Personal Seat Licensing sales.  [...]

Jets Nation Mail Bag

We received this email yesterday from Gary H in NJ.  We thought the perspective of a long time season ticket holder was worth sharing: Yesterday I received my 2010 Jets Season Parking Guide ! Yes parking has become so confusing we now need a guide. I was feeling pretty good about purchasing the PSL's for [...]

Super Bid Super Party

According to the NY Post, the New York Jets and Giants are hosting a party to help gain support for the upcoming Super Bowl vote. The Giants and Jets are set to hold a lavish sendoff party this morning at New Meadowlands Stadium for their joint effort to host the big game, a once-unthinkable idea [...]

Tom Brady Talks About Living The Bi-Life

That's right Jets fans, Tom Brady gave an interview and confirmed what so many have speculated the past few years.  Tom Brady is living a bi life.  Now many have said that he was just plain gay.  That is a topic for another day.  Tom is bi-coastal and talked to Sports Illustrated about the Jets [...]

Mike Tannenbaum Interview Recap

JetNation forum user JMJ posted an excellent recap of the Mike Tannenbaum interview that aired on the Boomer and Carton show this morning.  Here is his full recap and some highlights. 1. He thanked Faneca for all he did while here and said the team felt it was the best thing for them and him [...]

Draft Day Is Here Jets Fans

By Tyson Rauch Draft Day is here NY Jets fans and here are some news and notes: 1) The New York Jets introduced Jason Taylor to the media on Wednesday and the former Dolphin did his best to say all of the right things.  It is no secret that Taylor wanted to return to Miami, [...]

I Want A New Hat

By Joe Brod This past October, the New York Yankees, also known as my hometown team (I was born in The Bronx,) won their seventh World Series of my lifetime. My first order of business? I went online and ordered a new hat that proclaims the Yankees as the 27-time World Series Champions. Do I [...]