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Catch The Ball Shonn Greene

This is a Public Service Announcement aimed at all eligible receivers on the football field; specifically Shonn Greene.  When the quarterback throws you the football, please be so kind as to catch it.  Thanks in advance. Yes, we are poking fun at this issue but it is a serious one.  A key for the Jets [...]

Forum Status

We apologize for the downtime on our forums.  Our forum developer and web host (IPB) is currently working on correcting the issue.  Thanks for your patience and we will update this post when they are back online. Edit 6:57pm:  The forums are back online. Again, we apologize for the unscheduled downtime.

JetNation Forum Upgrade

Our forums are currently being upgraded.  We will be back online soon!  Thanks for your patience. EDIT: The upgrade is done, thanks for your patience while we reconfigure things. The site won't be blue forever, we have to reskin the site. Thanks.

Mark Sanchez, “Big Rookie Paychecks May Be Over”

Courtesy Fox Business News NY JETS QUARTERBACK MARK SANCHEZ TELLS FOX BUSINESS THE DAYS OF BIG ROOKIE PAYCHECKS “MAY BE OVER” New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez spoke with FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Connell McShane about the NFL lockout and his recent involvement with Sam’s Club to promote healthy living. When asked about the NFL [...]

Field of Dreams 2: Lockout (Funny or Die)

Funny or Die sent us this lockout parody video and we thought it was worth a look.  Antonio Cromartie plays himself in the video and does a good job. With the current NFL lockout jeopardizing this fall’s season, Lautner’s character turns his Iowa farm into a sanctuary for football greats Ray Lewis, Tony Gonzalez, Dwight [...]

JetNation Forums Moving to the Cloud

Tonight, Tuesday 6/28/11, at 8:30pm Eastern time we will moving the JetNation forums to a hosted environment. Otherwise known as, "the cloud" this will give us many new benefits: Many more people can be online on game day with NO slow down in performance The forums will be faster A 250 user chat room license, [...]