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It's Law or Nothing for the Jets Defense

by Tom Shane JetNation Editor The last time the Jets signed a Hall of Fame defensive back, his name was Ronnie Lott. He came to the Jets to provide veteran leadership, share his unparalleled football savvy and to instill the championship demeanor he forged in the course of shaping a dynasty into a young Jets [...]

Picking The…Losers for the '05 season.

by Rob Donigian JetNation Columnist Every year sports analysts, fans, and everyone from Joe Blow to Jow Blow's mom attempts to predict which teams will win each division. Just like there are darkhorse teams, there are teams that go from living on Cloud Nine one season to eating dirt the next. So with that in [...]

Is The Pats Championship Run Over?

by Frank Barone JetNation columnist The Patriots start the 2005 season with more questions than at any other time under the Belichick regime. One of these questions are coaching concerns and some are personnel, but are any of these concerns really enough to to stop the Patriots from getting back to the Super Bowl this [...]

NFL Preview ~ West

By Senior Columnist Nick Ferraro It’s almost here! Football camps are open, and the countdown is officially underway. Jetnation is going to get you ready with our NFL 2005 Season Preview. Each week leading up to the season opener, we’ll breakdown one AFC and NFC division. This week we take a look at the AFC [...]

Houston Ready to Take Off

by Eric Barton JetNation Contributor Should Curtis Martin miss a significant amount of time for the Jets in the upcoming season, it would seemingly make for a bleak situation for the team's chances at making the playoffs. But it might not be as bad as it sounds. Dare I say…a blessing in disguise? In the [...]

2005 Camp Preview: Good News/Bad News

by Tom Shane JetNation Editor If you're like me, you read too much about the NFL. And if you're like me, you've already read four-hundred team and NFL previews. You've searched the web, you've bought every Street and Smith's guide you can, you've even gotten so desperate as to look at the Jets official website [...]

The World Series of Football

By Nick Ferraro Only 12 of the 30 starting quarterbacks played in all 16 games last season. With the emphasis placed on pressuring the signal caller, it’s probable that your team’s backup will see significant time under center. Qualifying for the post-season may hinge on the number two’s ability to stay above water while the [...]