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To Chad Or Not To Chad

By Gregg Hayim Being as I see the subject discussed about as often as I hear “This Is Our Country� played during an ABC televised sporting event, I figured hey, its March, I don’t have much else to do, why not throw another log on the fire? Over and over we toss the questions back [...]

Baseball Preview: NL Rookies

Fantasy Baseball with Mike Dietrich Hello all and welcome to the 3rd installment of our fantasy baseball column.  This week  we will review NL rookies to watch out for this year. New York Mets Mike Pelfrey is having a nice spring and will be a SP it is just a matter of when and not [...]

Woody's Inflation

Benjamin Franklin once said that only two things in life that are certain are death and taxes. I would like to mention a third: Inflation. Inflation is the perpetual rise in prices that results in depreciation over any length of time of purchasing power. By way of example, you would need about $1.82 in 2003 [...]

Same ‘ol Jets? Don’t Make Me Laugh

By Sperm Edwards People have a lot of revisionist history with regards to this FO’s acquisition of FA’s. Backtrack to one year ago. To start the ’06 off-season, there WAS no salary cap for ‘07. Nor were talks going well as late as the last week of February (allegedly). What you do with your current [...]

Jets Cap Update

By Sperm Edwards ESPN had us at about $21M under the 2007 back in January. Since then we've seen cuts (or upcoming cuts/trades) of: Barlow $2.9M cleared Teague $0.7M cleared Blaylock $0.6M additional (no savings) Hamilton $1.5M cleared Ramsey $1.7M cleared Kimo $1.4M cleared -------------------------------------------------- Total = $7.6M cleared = $28M under the 2007 cap [...]

February Is No Friend Of Mine

By Gregg Hayim I am not exactly sure what it is. Perhaps it’s the timing of when I began writing for this site. Smack down in the midst of a playoff run with enough thrill to evoke a rise from a slice of Passover matzah. Or possibly, it is the circumstances surrounding my own life; [...]

Free Agency Is Near

By Tyson Rauch Coming off their playoff appearance both the New York Jets and their fans head into the off-season full of excitement.  The teams play improved as the season progressed and it appears that with some quality personnel additions a better season can be achieved next year.  The question is where will this personnel [...]

Woody's Bottom Line

By Max I had some harsh comments for Woody Johnson when I received my season ticket invoice the other day.  After thinking about it some more, I felt my initial reaction was accurate.  There is no reason that ticket prices should have gone up as much as they have these past few years.  I understand [...]