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The Jetway: Episode 4

Dan Vollmayer is back from his trip to New Orleans and despite the Jets loss he has another video for us. Here is a link to Dan's youtube channel. This week he shows us bourbon street and tries to forget the Mark Sanchez 3 interception performance. Here is a link to the video which is [...]

Going To Miami?

Hey Jets fans who is up for a road trip?  Our friend tailgate joe will be there and he has a tailgate just waiting for you.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Joe we would like to tell you that: The allegations were false He wasn't there that night You are safe to [...]

Wake Up The Ghosts: Yankee Preview

By Tiffany Berryman Yankee fans have long suspected that October's air turns cold because of all those great ghosts swirling around, blessing each magical moment with their Mystique and Aura but the last few seasons have been void of such luxuries. There was that distracting Joe Torre drama and the never ending follies of Alex [...]

Jets Self Destruct In Loss To Saints

By Tyson Rauch (Courtesy of It was only a matter of time before Mark Sanchez would finally come back to earth and play like a rookie. But after reviewing the Jets 24-10 loss to the New Orleans Saints, there were several other components of the team that did not play well either. Offense While [...]

Thank You JetNation; Busiest Month Ever (Sept 2009)

Thank you Jet Nation.  You made September 2009, the busiest month ever on  We appreciate you making JN our home for Jets news and discussion.  Here is to a great season and hopefully the great start will continue and we will have plenty of good news to report in the coming weeks.

Hey Rex Ryan, Please Call My Boss

Dear Rex Ryan: Thank you for that voice mail message last week.  That was so cool, the way you asked me to scream my lungs out and become the 12th man.  When you gave me the game ball, you let me know that my efforts worked.  The New York Jets beat the evil New England [...]

Jets To Face New Challenges In Week 3

By Tyson Rauch The New York Jets are flying high into week three after impressive wins over the Houston Texans and the New England Patriots. The Jets defense has not given up a touchdown in eight quarters while rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez has a rating of 91.3. The team is playing with a tremendous amount [...]